Basic Dog Care

What you need to know

Knowing some basic dog care would help you take care of your dog better. It is not only one of the (many) ways to spoil him, but also a necessity to keep your housemate healthy and fit.

Lavishing your dog through coat, ears, eyes, teeth, and paw care will help build trust. He will get used to you holding him. And this will definitely help, especially, the next time you visit the vet!

When would be the best time to give your dog some basic dog care?

It’s best to plan a spa day for your puppy as part of your week. Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning, whenever you have an hour or two to spare. Your dog will definitely thank you for it!

Coat Care

Of course, the coat care your dog deserves depends primarily on what kind of coat your four-legged companion has – long-haired, short-haired, rough, curly, or smooth. Don’t forget to consider the seasons. Summer heat and winter cold make a big difference to your little ball of fur!

You should only bathe your puppy if he has used the mud puddle as a playground, otherwise, the hairbrush is enough to clean him. There are many dog brushes available, so decide which one is best for your puppy depending on his breed.

If it is really necessary to bathe him, use a hypoallergenic and ph-neutral shampoo so as not to destroy the natural balance of his skin!

Paw Care

Hot patches in summer, salt on the roads in winter, thorns, and fast-growing claws are the main causes of paw trouble!

Get your puppy used to cleaning or washing his paws after every walk, with a brief examination after each walk. The claws should not touch the ground when your puppy is standing. A dog that walks regularly on asphalt may only need a pedicure once a year, and dogs that walk in woods and meadows more often.

Please do not use nail scissors or household scissors to cut the claws. Claw scissors and claw nippers are available in pet shops and are adapted for the dog’s claw with curved cutting surfaces!

Ear Care

Yes, your quadruped’s ears must be washed regularly! A damp cloth once a week is usually enough. Please be careful and clean only the outer ear.

Please avoid using ear sticks as it can seriously damage dog ears. If you notice smells or dark deposits during your ear inspection, it means: off to the vet.

Brush His Teeth Too!

In recent years, more and more dental products for dogs have come out on the market. However, none of these products should replace the regular dental cleaning of your dog!

Grab your little rascal once a week and clean his teeth with a soft toothbrush and a good dog toothpaste. It might be a bit tedious to do on puppies but it gets easier over time. Tooth brushing helps prevent tartar and other dental diseases that can seriously affect your dog’s eating and well-being!

Clean Your Dog’s Eyes

As with the ears, caution is required here too! Wind and dust bring dog eyes to tears like human eyes. Although this has no medical disadvantage, it can lead to discoloration of the coat in the corner of the eyes of light-haired breeds. A damp cloth used only for the purpose of cleaning your dog’s eyes is a simple and fast remedy!

Now that you have an idea of basic dog care, we hope you have fun spoiling your pets!