Best Ceramic Dog Bowls

With all the vast array of dog bowls out there, it is quite confusing and overwhelming which one to choose. While most dog owners prefer stainless steel dog bowls, some want to use ceramic dog bowls too!

Why Choose Ceramic Dog Bowls?

There are a lot of reasons why some people would choose ceramic dog bowls.

For one, they are easy to clean. Most ceramic dog bowls are dishwasher-safe. Unlike some stainless steel dog bowls with detachable rubber rims where you need to remove the rims first before putting the bowl in a dishwasher, there is no such fuss with ceramic dog bowls.

Secondly, a ceramic dog bowl weighs better than a plastic dog bowl. As such, they are less likely to slide or skid across your floors. Your pups would not have a hard time chasing their bowls across the place while eating.

Ceramic dog bowls are also tempered and smooth. They are not prone to cracks and scratches where dirt and bacteria may thrive.

And the best thing is these dog bowls come in cool colors and excellent designs, perfect to suit and match your home color scheme and style. And they may even be personalized with your doggy’s name.

Our Choices Of The Best Ceramic Dog Bowls

Choosing the best dog bowls for your beloved furry friends can be a trying task. Here are the best making it on our list!

Our Top Pick

Trixie Dog Princess Ceramic Bowl Trixie Dog Princess Ceramic Bowl (6 fl. oz) (Pink)


Size: comes in three sizes – 6 fl.oz (4.7 in diameter), 15 fl.oz (6.2 in diameter), 36 fl.oz (7.8 in diameter). It is a small bowl perfect for puppies or small breeds.
Color: Pink
Other features: May be wiped clean.

Runner Up

Mason Cash Cane Ceramic Dog Bowl, 6-inch Mason Cash Cane Ceramic Dog Bowl, 6 inch


Size: 15 cm pet bowl. It has a thick side that is chew-proof and does not chip off.
Color: Comes in a variety of colors to fit your style.
Other features: Safe to be stored in the refrigerator or freezer and dishwasher-safe. Simple yet sturdy.

Also Great

Portmeirion Home & Gifts Ceramic Dog Bowl Portmeirion Home & Gifts WN4098-XL Dog Bowl, Ceramic


Size: 2.56 x 5.98 x 5.98 inches. A small food bowl for small dogs or a water bowl for any dog breed.
Color: Simple white background with colored illustrations.
Other features: Comes with a cute design bearing illustrations of different dog breeds on the outside of the bowl and the bottom of the bowl. It is entirely dishwasher and microwave-safe and safe for freezer storage.

There are still lots of ceramic dog bowls out there like the , and The Chic Pooch Small Gray Marble Ceramic Dog Bowl which you may want to consider.

Cons Of Using These Dog Bowls

While using a ceramic dog bowl has its advantages, it has some disadvantages too.

Anything ceramic is breakable. Hence, a dog bowl made of ceramics would break when dropped or bumped hard against a sturdy object.

Ceramic dog bowls make some noise when moved around. Thus, if your dog keeps moving his bowl around, you might find a ceramic dog bowl noisy.

Some dog bowl manufacturers use paint in designing the bowls and adding colors. Lead-based paint is not safe for our pets. So, always make sure that your dog bowls are FDA-approved or, at the very least, were not designed using lead-based paints.

Things To Note

When using a ceramic dog bowl, always ensure that they are always clean before putting in dog food.

Always check that there your doggy’s food bowl is free from scratches and chips. Scratches may foster the growth of bacteria in the bowl, and chips may harm or cut your dog once he touches it.

Remember: a clean dog bowl serves clean food, and your pooch will be happier and healthier.