Best Chew Toys for Puppies

Young puppies explore the world by putting everything into their mouths. This can be an adorable habit of your new pup, but it can also cause many shoes and other household items to be destroyed. You must provide ample chew toys for your puppy’s development. And, we have compiled here the best chew toys perfect for your puppies!

Between the ages of two and ten months, your puppy is developing rapidly.  During this time, your puppy will also begin teething, which will increase the number of items they seek to put into their mouths.  There are chew toys designed not only for play but also to help soothe your pup’s sore gums during this time. 

Choosing a Toy 

There are hundreds of dog and puppy toys on the market you can choose from. You will want a variety of toys for your puppy to help teach them what is theirs to chew on, rather than your shoes. It is important to select the best chew toys for your puppies that are designed for their size and age.

Puppy toys are designed specifically for small mouths to prevent choking. Some toys may resemble household items such as shoes or socks. Although these may be cute, it may be best to select toys that do not resemble things you want your pet to stay away from.

When you first introduce a chew toy to your dog, be sure to monitor playtime. Ensure that no small pieces are falling off that could cause your pup to choke. Remove any loose parts and throw away a toy if it gets too small or worn out.

Best Teething Toys 

Teething toys are one of the best types of chew toys for your young pup. When they are around four months old, they will begin to lose those puppy teeth and will chew on anything in sight to provide comfort or relief. While all chew toys will help your dog during this time, some are specially designed to provide extra relief.

Nylabone Puppy Chew Keys Toy - Puppy Chew Toys for Teething - Puppy Supplies - Bacon Flavor, Small (1 Count)

The Nylabone Puppy Chew Dog Teething Bones is a great option for your teething puppy.  This cute toy is created from a soft material with textured keys designed for teething. This chew toy is the perfect size for small puppies but also comes in an x-small and larger size. You can find this toy on Amazon for around $6.00.  

Nylabone Dental Dinosaur Puppy Chew Toy - Puppy Chew Toy for Teething - Puppy Supplies - Chicken Flavor, Small/Regular (1 Count)

Also made by Nylabone Puppy Dental Dinosaur Chew Toy for Teething Puppies.  This soft teething toy is flexible and will allow for plenty of chewing fun for your pup. The textured nubs will help soothe your dog’s sore gums and also help keep their teeth clean and breath smelling fresh. Amazon carries this toy in a variety of designs and sizes starting at around $5.00.

NWK Freezable Pet Teether is great if your puppy is an aggressive chewer.  This toy can be frozen to help provide additional relief from sore gums during teething. Made from non-toxic material, the thick circular design contains purified water. You can also put small treats inside of the ring to help encourage your pup to chew the toy.

Petstages, Dental & Teething Dog Chew Toys has a perfectly designed toy to help soothe gums and provide endless fun for your puppy. You can freeze this affordable toy for gum relief. Once it is frozen, the outer shell will make a crunchy noise as your pup chews, making chewing more interesting. You can find this colorful toy on Amazon for $3.25.

Best Chew Toys 

KONG Puppy - Natural Teething Rubber Chew Toy for Dogs - Stuffable Dog Toy for Extended Playtime - Chew & Fetch Toy for Puppies - for Small Puppies - Blue

KONG chew toys are perfect for your young puppy.  The durable design promotes active chewing while the shape also keeps the toy moving for more entertainment. Made in the USA, this product is a popular recommendation for vets. You can add additional fun for your pup by freezing the KONG or filling it with a delicious treat such as peanut butter. You can buy a KONG toy for around $8.00 on Amazon.

Westpaw Zogoflex Tux Interactive Chew Toy is perfect for an aggressive chewer.  This toy is available on Amazon for $19.95 in both small and large sizes. Like many other puppy toys, you can freeze or fill this toy with treats to give an extra level of fun. Made from non-toxic materials, your puppy will enjoy the movements created by the unique design of this chew toy.

Rope Toys made it on our list of the best chew toys for our puppies.  Although these may be destroyed more quickly than other materials, they can be a great option to help keep your pup chewing and active. Multipet carries ball-shaped rope toys for around $5.00.  You may also purchase adorably designed sets such as SCENEREAL Small Dog Rope Chew Toys pack for around $13.00.  

Edible Chew Toys 

You may occasionally want to supplement your puppy’s diet and chewing habits with edible chew toys.  It is important to use these sparingly so as not to overfeed your young pet.  

Nylabone Healthy Edibles Natural Dog Chews Long Lasting Bacon Flavor Treats for Dogs, Medium/Wolf (12 Count)

Nylabone Healthy Edibles is best recommended for dogs over six months of age.  These yummy treats come in a variety of flavors, such as lamb and apple, that will delight your young dog.

Additionally, Himalayan Dog Chews for small dogs come from an ancient recipe that contains limited ingredients. These treats have a cheese flavor that your puppy will love.


Your young puppy needs to chew for much of their first year of life. Providing them with the best chew toys for puppies will help keep them happy and healthy.

You can give your dog special teething toys, chew toys, and a few edible chew toys to help keep them chewing on the right things in your home!