The Best Online Dog Training Courses

Find the best program for your dog.

Would you like to train your dog at home but don’t know where to begin? Maybe you simply don’t have the time to travel to a dog daycare or dog school near you. Or, maybe your dog is afraid of traveling.

Whatever your reason, we have reviewed the best online courses for you – from in-depth video series to live classes via Zoom.

Training your beloved furry companion is an essential part of being a responsible dog owner. However, finding the right resources and guidance to ensure effective and successful training can sometimes feel like a daunting task.

In recent years, especially during the pandemic brought by COVID-19, where people were confined to their homes, online dog training courses have emerged as a game-changer. These virtual courses provide accessible and comprehensive training classes offering lessons that cater to a wide range of dog owners’ needs.

Socialization and behavior correction

Our Top Picks

Whether you are looking for an online dog or puppy training course for your furry companions, the following are great selections.

Best Overall: Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

A celebrated YouTube star when it comes to dog training, Zac George offers free dog and puppy training videos on his YouTube channel. There are lots of lessons, including basic dog training, training techniques, biting, leash training, tricks, and many more.

Complement these online videos with his book on training your pup throughout his lifetime.

Best Budget: Petco

Petco is a big name in pet supplies, but did you know that they also offer stellar dog training? Most of them are trained in their stores, but now they also offer Zoom-based group classes at $129 for four lessons.

Best Membership Program: Dogmantics

With free online dog training videos on its website, Dogmantics offers on-demand, streamed videos you can purchase and view. Emily Larlham has fantastic membership plans (ranging from $40 to $99) with great videos and written content (available in seven different languages).

Runner Ups

SIRIUS Dog Training

With over 30 years of dog training experience, Dr. Ian Dunbar, founder of SIRIUS Dog Training, claims to be pioneering puppy and dog training. SIRIUS Dog Training offers classes for our canine friends of all ages. Whatever class or program you are looking to enroll your dog into, from the basics to advanced training sessions, SIRIUS has it.

All Day Dog Adventures

With programs ranging from puppy foundations, group classes, and specialized trick training and behavior training, All Day Dog Adventures offers far more than just the basic courses. Designed to suit your schedule, a dog trainer is available for consultations.

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy offers learning classes not just for dogs but for handlers and owners as well. This online academy shares techniques, through online lectures, on how to be a better dog trainer besides how to train your dog better.

e-Training for Dogs

For any dog enthusiast, this program provides online lectures for owners, trainers, and even breeders of dogs. Lessons available are not merely on training your furry companions but also training pet owners on better training their dogs.

Best For Puppies

Puppy Trained Right

Training through the Puppy Trained Right platform starts with a class on how to adapt to a new puppy at home and raise your new canine friend.

Rooted on positive reinforcement methods, this training program includes videos on preparing yourself before you even bring your pup home and basic obedience.

Peach on a Leash

Peach on a Leash offers a variety of puppy training, including training for new puppies, obedience training, good behavior training, and curbing aggression and other behavior problems.

What Are the Benefits of Online Dog Training Courses?

For some pet handlers, virtual training is more effective than training in person.

Even before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, dog trainers and owners valued the benefits of virtual dog training. With the virus all around, people are more hesitant to go out as part of their safety precautionary measures.

Less distractions


While many dog owners are excited to have their furry companions trained by pet experts, some have doubts about whether bringing them to training classes is worth the risk.

For one, traveling your dog to a dog trainer’s facility would require driving or walking him there. Along the way, there is the risk of accidents or negative encounters with other dogs, which may attack your own.

Also, a dog trainer’s facility accommodates other dogs whose behaviors you are unsure of. Again, you would be exposing your dog to some risks in this instance.

For over-protective parents, online training for dogs would surely prove more beneficial.

Fewer Distractions, More Focus

One other benefit when holding training classes virtually is that the setting would be less distracting for our furry friends. It would not entail adjustments for you and your dog.

As your dog is already familiar with the environment, he is not bothered by anything that could pique his curiosity.

Beneficial for Aggressive Dogs

Training at home would be the best option for pups that are uncomfortable in the presence of another human being or other pets. Dog group classes would be such a strain on your dog as well as on yourself. Other dogs and their handlers may not appreciate it, too, as it may be too much of a distraction.

And for aggressive and territorial dogs, having a stranger inside the house might be a cause of disturbance that can affect training. For these types of dogs, online dog training would be one great option.

Online dog training done at home


Having a dog trainer come to your place would entail additional expenses. Trainers must charge their fares, especially when you live far from them. But with online training, there is no need for a trainer to come to you. Sessions can be done through videoconferencing with the likes of Zoom.

Despite not having a trainer come personally, many professional dog or puppy classes offer feedback, coaching, and support from trainers.


With online dog training classes, dog owners can record (when allowed) lessons and play them back. For pre-recorded dog training videos, pet owners can easily go along with the training process by playing it in slow motion.

Playing the videos repeatedly would also help dog owners in correcting any errors, which they might only realize after replaying their training programs.

Training services not only provide online dog training courses but also homework assignments for dog owners to work on

Flexible Schedule

Pet owners love the flexibility that comes with online dog training courses. Not every owner would have the time to bring his puppy to a trainer at a predetermined schedule.

With work, house chores, and other regular daily activities, bringing your pets to a dog training school or facility would seem like an additional chore in addition to many. But with a virtual dog or puppy training, you can easily access any dog training course at any time your schedule allows you to.

No longer limited by geographical barriers or scheduling conflicts, these courses empower you to train your dog at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. Whether you have a busy lifestyle, live in a remote area, or prefer the flexibility of self-paced learning, online courses provide the freedom to adapt training to your specific circumstances.

More Bonding Time

Enrolling your pets in an online class is more advantageous than you may think. When you cannot work on any session for a day, any capable family member can take over and handle the task. In addition, it provides an opportunity for your pup to bond with the whole family more.

Personally teaching and handling your furry companion would also allow you to get to know him better.

Online dog training provides an opportunity to bond with your canine friend

Does Virtual Dog Training Actually Work?

As with every learning, teaching your pups depends highly on your dedication, commitment, and perseverance. Whether the learning is done at home or at a training facility, done by a dog trainer or by yourself, what is important is that you commit yourself to abide by the methods suggested by trainers and experts.

Learn the lesson plans, follow the courses, attend the sessions and classes, and for sure, you will get the behavior you want your pups to portray. With advanced courses, you could even teach your furry friends tricks to save on their sleeves.

However, in extreme cases of negative behavior, in-person training might be the best course to take to correct such behavior immediately. With their vast amount of knowledge gathered from experience, dog trainers are the best people to effectively correct our pups’ behavioral problems.

Always consult with the experts and your personal trainer (if any) on what is best for you and your dog!

A dog training course with feedback from experts would benefit both you and your dog

Final Thoughts

Training your dog requires an investment of time, effort, and dedication. With the onset of high technology in today’s digital era, online dog training courses have revolutionized the approach to dog training by providing online courses.

These virtual courses offer flexibility and convenience without sacrificing the quality of expert guidance offered. Whether you are a novice fur parent or a long-time dog owner, there are a lot of resources for you.

With the right resources, commitment to consistent training, dedication, and positive reinforcement, you will personally witness your dog’s development. You will soon be amazed by your well-behaved dog. And you will achieve this accomplishment right in the comfort of your home.