Can Dogs Eat Honey?

I know many of us love honey, if not all of us. And there are moments when you want to share them with your furry pets. And so you ask, “Can my dogs eat some honey?

If this question has passed your mind or if you have been thinking of giving honey to your dogs, then you would want to know if indeed it is safe to give your furry companion some honey.


Is Honey Good For Dogs?

On the question, “Can dogs eat honey?”, the simple answer is yes, but in a small amount.

Honey contains natural sugars that can turn any food into something our tastebuds would surely love. When added to our pets’ meals, honey would turn dog food into something more palatable.

Honey offers several benefits for us humans. But as far as our pets are concerned, there are research studies conducted on the benefits of honey for them but these are yet to be substantiated.

However, the traditional practice seems to have shown positive results when you feed your dog some raw honey. The same goes when using products with honey on your dog. In fact, there are many pet products now which are enhanced with honey.

Honey For Dogs

To illustrate our points above, here are some pet products with honey among their ingredients.

For one, there is this Wellness Natural Wellbars Crunchy Dog Treats that comes in Peanut and Honey flavor to boost your pet’s energy and support his immune system. Give your dogs these honey treats to eat, and you are sure to see them active.

Some pet product companies have also enhanced dog grooming products with honey. Check out this BotaniVet Certified Organic Pet Shampoo with manuka honey claimed to have antibacterial and antifungal properties for healthier skin and promotes wound healing

Even dog medications are enhanced with honey, not just for better taste but for medicinal benefits too. Take, for instance, this Dog Cough Remedy, which claims fast relief from coughing and hacking.

Additionally, there are other solutions with honey as an ingredient that favor our pets. This JAYU Pet Red Honey Balm with enhanced honey has healing properties in relieving dryness that causes itching, cracked skin, and hair loss among our pets.

Is Honey Safe For Dogs?

The simple answer is yes, it is also safe to give our dogs honey, though only in small quantities.

Honey is good for dogs as long as they are given in moderation. Eating honey has health benefits that can work not only for you but for your dogs too!

What type of honey can I give my dog? Should it be raw honey?

Most people claim that it is better to give pets the best raw honey, natural as it is, to maximize its medicinal properties.

Some benefits of raw honey when taken in by our furry companions include relief from kennel cough, boosts energy, and reduces gastrointestinal problems.

How Much Honey Can I Give My Dog?

When taken in excess, too much sweet would no longer be beneficial. This is true, especially in dogs who need to watch out for their weight or dogs with diabetes.

As with humans, too much sugar causes weight gain and obesity. The same goes for our furry pets. When we see that our dogs ate too much honey, it is always best to take your furry companion for a walk or do some exercises to spend off some of that consumed sugar.

The sugar content in honey may also cause tooth decay. Hence, it is also advised to brush your dog’s teeth after eating honey.

To be sure and keep your pet safe, consult your veterinarian on the propriety of giving honey to your dogs. Your dog may have some complications which you do not know, or no inkling of that would make it better if he is off eating honey.