Choose the Best Dog Food Container To Keep Your Pet’s Food Safe!

If you are looking for an effective way to keep your pet’s food fresh for a long time, store them in an airtight dog food container.

As responsible pet owners, we only aim to provide our pups with the best possible nutrition to keep them healthy and happy.

Choosing the right type of dog food is only half the challenge. Despite getting the right dog food for them, it would prove useless if your pup’s food is not stored properly. Properly storing your pup’s food is just as equally important.

To ensure that your dog’s food retains its quality, it is essential that it is stored in a high-quality dog food storage container. But with many available options, choosing the right one that would preserve the quality and freshness of your dog’s food would also be a challenge.

In this blog post, we will share with you the things to consider when choosing a dog food storage container and your best options.

Choosing the Best Dog Food Storage Containers

Choosing the right dog food storage container may seem to be too small of a detail that some pet owners often overlook its impact. The best dog food containers should be those that would preserve the quality of any pet food. It should be able to keep dog food fresh for a long time. With the right choice, you can ensure that your furry friend always has access to fresh and delicious food.

Here are some considerations when choosing any food storage for your pet’s food.

Food storage made of BPA-free plastic material

Storage Capacity

Choose a dog food with the right size or storage capacity that would appropriately accommodate the amount of dog food your pet consumes. This would all depend on how much dog food you need to store and how often you get refills.

If you have large dog breeds that eat ferociously and you need to buy dog food buy in bulk, then a storage container that can hold the amount of dog food you need for your dogs would be more suitable.

If you have a small dog and only purchase dog food in smaller quantities, a smaller container with lesser storage capacity would be more appropriate.


Material is an important factor to consider in choosing the best dog food container. In general, you want to choose a container made from food-safe materials and free from harmful chemicals. The material used also affects durability and longevity.


Plastic is a popular choice for dog food storage containers due to its affordable price compared with other options and convenience.

Look for containers made from BPA-free plastic or high-density polyethylene. Containers made from these materials are food-safe and typically lightweight yet sturdy.

Stainless Steel

However, a more durable and eco-friendly option would be a stainless steel container. This could also be a budget-friendly pick in the long term, considering that it does not easily break or get brittle.

Stainless steel containers are also resistant to staining and odors, making them a viable choice for storing wet dog food. While more expensive than plastic ones, these would last a long time, saving you the money of buying a new one once a plastic one breaks or turns brittle.

Stainless steel airtight container for storing wet food or dry kibbles


Another option would be wooden containers. Containers made of wood are a great choice for dog parents who are looking for a visually appealing storage solution for their pup’s food yet still functional to serve its purpose.

This option could be more expensive than the others but still effective in functionality. It is believed that wood regulates the humidity level inside the container, keeping your dog’s food fresh longer.

Airtight Seal

Look for containers with an airtight seal or snap-lock latches.

Air and moisture can compromise your pet’s food, causing it to get contaminated or go stale. An airtight seal ensures that your pet’s food stays fresh and maintains its nutritional value, preventing it from going stale or molding.

Additional Features

Some dog food containers come with other features, bringing more advantages for you and your dog.

Some containers have built-in wheels, making it easier to transfer the container from one location to another. This could also prove beneficial when you are always on the go and bringing your dog along with you.

Some dog storage containers come in stackable designs. This would be perfect when you have multiple pets that consume various dog food. Each dog food would get stored in separate containers and stacked together, saving storage space. Or you could use some of the containers for storing treats.

Other containers also come with a free measuring cup or scoop. These free items make scooping food and putting them in your dog’s food dish easier.

Depending on your needs, there are a variety of features that every container come with.

Just like human food containers, some dog food containers are stackable

The Best Container To Store Dog Food

As a pet owner, keeping your pup’s food always fresh and free from contamination is of utmost importance. That’s where dog food containers come in. With so many options in the market, one would be overwhelmed when choosing the best one for your pet.

We have prepared this list of the best dog food containers to make things easier for you.

Our Top Pick

Based on popularity, this IRIS USA Airtight Pet Food Storage Container is on top of our list.

IRIS USA WeatherPro Airtight Dog Food Storage Container, Up to 42 lbs, Attachable Wheels, For Dog Cat Bird and Other Pet Food Storage Bin, Keep Fresh, Easy Mobility, BPA Free, Smoke/Black

It comes in 6 sizes to accommodate various volumes of dog food. This dog food storage container boasts of its airtight seals, and snap-lock latches that effectively keep food dry and keep out moisture. It is tagged as a dog food container on wheels for mobility and easy storage.

Runner Up

Another container worthy of consideration is the BUDDEEZ 8QT Bag-in Multipurpose Dispenser.

Buddeez Large Food Storage Container - 8 Quart Pantry Buddy, All Purpose Clear Kitchen Organization and Storage - Cereal, Flour, Sugar, Rice Dispenser, EZ Pour Spout and Easy Grip Handle (White Lid)

This BPA-Free plastic container has a bag-in feature that allows you to keep your pup’s food in its original bag inside the container. It comes in several sizes, too, depending on your needs.

Also Great

And for those pet owners who store a small volume of dog food, this Van Ness 5-Pound Food Container with Fresh-Tite Seal is handy and perfect.

Van Ness 5-Pound Food Container with Fresh-Tite Seal (FC5) White

This food-grade plastic storage container has a fresh-tight seal that prevents moisture and keeps your furry friend’s food fresh longer. It is also made from BPA-free plastic, making it food-safe.

Best Stainless Steel

When it comes to stainless steel dog food containers, the simplehuman 25 Liter, 27lb / 12.2 kg Medium Pet Food Storage Can is worthy of being on our list.

simplehuman 35 Liter, 40 lb / 18.1 kg X-Large Pet Food Storage Container for Dog Food, Cat Food, and Bird Feed, Brushed Stainless Steel

It comes in three sizes for your storage needs. This metal dog food container has a handle clamp that locks tightly to ensure airtight storage.

Best Stackable

And if you’re looking for a stackable dog food container, you should highly consider purchasing this WTM Stackable Bins with Hinged Lids, which is available on

WTM CBCL-24 Stackable Bins with Hinged Lids, 24-Quart, Clear, Pack of 3

Most people who have purchased this product have nothing but high praise for it. This dog food container comes in item package quantities of 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Does Dry Dog Food Need To Be Kept Airtight?

Transfer contents from dog food bags to airtight food storage

Storing your dog’s food properly is essential. A package of dry dog food, once opened and exposed to air, undergoes oxidation. The oxidation process makes food rancid very quickly.

To prevent fast oxidation, which can cause your pet’s food to go stale, it is necessary that we practice proper storage of our furry friend’s food.

If our pet’s food comes in a resealable bag, it is best to close the seal tightly after taking out our dog’s meal. It stops dirt from landing on your pet’s food as well as prevents ants and pests from invading the package.

It is also important to store your pup’s food in a cool place. Dry dog food, when subjected to high temperatures, degrades faster than those kept in lower temperatures.

Your dog’s food must also be preserved in a dry environment. Wet places cause moisture build-up that can cause molds.

And it is best to store dog food in an airtight storage container to ensure freshness. Airtight containers prevent pests, ants, dirt, and moisture from coming in contact with your furry companion’s food.

How Long Does Dry Dog Food Last?

Does dry dog food go stale? The simple answer is yes!

How long does a bag of dog food last? And how would you know then that your pet’s food is already stale?

There are several factors to consider in order to identify whether your pet’s food has gone stale and is no longer safe for consumption.

Most dry dog food packaging has a “best by” or expiration date imprinted on them. Most of these dry dog food has a “best by” or expiration date of around one year and six months from the date of manufacturing. However, once opened, these food go stale much faster when not kept in an airtight food container. Thus, sometimes, it is best to buy dog food in small quantities to ensure that we always feed our dogs’ fresh dry food.

Also, look for other signs that the dry dog food has gone stale, even if the expiration date has not yet passed.

  • There is a particular rancid odor coming out of the package
  • The remaining dog food is moist and has molds or is infested by insects and tiny animals.
  • The package has been exposed to high temperatures for a long time
  • Your dog would no longer eat (something he ate before)
  • Your dog got ill or sick after consuming this dog food.

When you notice the signs above, it is best to dispose of the dog food to ensure that our dogs do not eat something stale. It is always best to be sure than sorry when it comes to our beloved pets!

Food storage should be in an airtight container

Does Canned Wet Dog Food Also Go Bad?

Canned wet food is a favorite option for many dog owners as these canned items are easy to store and have a longer shelf life. Many pet owners also choose canned dog food because it is convenient and easy to serve.

With its fully sealed canned storage and longer shelf life, can canned wet food go bad?

The short answer is yes, canned wet dog food can go bad. While the dog food inside the can is sealed, it can still eventually spoil after storing it for a long time.

Just like other consumer packaged goods, dry and wet dog food have expiration dates. Beyond these dates, the packaged goods may not be safe for your pup to consume. Always check the expiration date on your dog’s food and throw away those that are stored past the provided date.

Additionally, excessive exposure to humidity and heat can cause any food to spoil faster. So often, despite the non-lapse of the expiration date, some canned food spoils.

To prevent this scenario, make sure to keep the canned food away from direct sunlight or hot areas.

To ensure that your dog only consumes high-quality and fresh dog food, only open a can when it is time to feed your dog. Any unconsumed or unused portions of wet food should be transferred to an airtight small container and stored in the refrigerator. Use up the refrigerated dog food within 2-3 days.

Wet food for dogs

Final Thoughts

Whether you are feeding your furry companions wet or dry pet food, it is always best to store them in food storage containers.

These containers come in plastics, stainless steel, or wooden materials. Whatever your choice is, consider its storage capacity, durability, and functionality. Just make sure you get an airtight food storage container to keep the quality and freshness of your pup’s food.

Be sure to keep the container in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. You should also avoid putting the food container in a humid area, as moisture can cause the dog food to spoil faster.