Dog Sitter: A Dream Job

Have you ever thought that dogs are better than people? Then turn your dream into a profession! Be a dog sitter!

What has been normal in Hollywood for a long time is becoming more and more common in other places: Fur parents love their four-legged friend but are too busy to walk him.

Why hire a Dog Sitter?

So that the fur parents do not miss out on long working hours, business trips, all-day schools, and holidays, a dog sitter is in demand.

Whether you offer walking only or a complete kennel is of course up to you!

What does a Dog Sitter do?

First and foremost, it is about replacing the fur parent for a certain time, if they cannot be with their beloved dog for various reasons.

For a dog sitter, no day is like the other! Depending on your preferences and abilities, you can offer a variety of services. You can accommodate walks of different lengths and intensity, taking care of the four-legged friend in your own home or his home for hours, days, or even weeks, visits to the vet, etc.

There are no limits to your imagination as long as you have the capability to do so. Dog day-care center, dog kennel, alleyway center – everything is possible, especially when you have the resources.

However, to make your new business legal, it is important to register and apply for a permit from your local authority pursuant to local legislation. It may require a bit of paperwork but it is always a part of it.

Dog Love Alone is Not Enough – the Qualifications

There is no proper training for those who are engaged in dog sitting in most places, but it is now a recognized profession. In any case, it is recommended that they get advice from the veterinary office and to take an examination at your local veterinarian.

Continuing education is always good for dog lovers, too. There are many online opportunities to find out about dog keeping and training.

And not to Mention: The Dog Liability Insurance!

Many insurances are tied to the owner of the dog, i.e. it is only valid for the owner of the dog, not for you if you care for his dog!

This can be quite tricky, so make sure that either third-party care is included or insure yourself with liability insurance.

Being paid for Dog Love – the Income

In the meantime, the dog-sitter profession has turned into a full-time job and with a good income too! Hourly wages are between $15-$18 US Dollars while daily rates are around $30 US Dollars on average.

What you charge is up to you. With regular customers, you can even arrange a long term contract for a specific amount. And for last-minute orders, you can even charge extra.

To those who are in the dog-sitting profession, we wish you a lot of fun!