The Best Dog Wipes For Easy Cleaning

Dog wipes always come in handy. It has many uses and is an easy solution to many of our pet concerns. Whether we are at home or in public, dog wipes have always proven that we can still keep our pets clean.


  1. Best Grooming & Facial Wipe: Burt's Bees Grooming Wipes
  2. Best Ear Dog Wipe: Earthbath All Natural Specialty Ear Wipes
  3. Best Eye Dog Wipe: Angel's Eyes Gentle Tear Stain Wipes
  4. Best Tooth and Gum Wipe: Pet Tooth and Gum Pet Wipes

Kinds of Dog Wipes

There are several kinds of dog wipes, depending on their uses. There are grooming and facial wipes, paw wipes, ear wipes, eye wipes, and even tooth and gum wipes. Depending on the kind of wipes, they have different formulations to ensure that your dog stays safe and clean.

All these kinds of dog wipes ensure that our furry friends are clean at all times, especially in between baths. These wipes also help eliminate pet odors and promote cleanliness and overall well-being.

Grooming and Facial Dog Wipes

Grooming and facial wipes are made to remove dirt on your pet’s face and body. Just like this Burt's Bees For Dogs Multipurpose Hypoallergenic Grooming Wipes, it is made to remove dirt and eliminate odors in between baths or after a long play or exercise. It is safe for regular cleaning of your pup’s body (except the eye area) because it is not added with chemicals, fragrances, or any other harsh ingredients.

Another option for grooming wipes is this alcohol-free and soap-free TropiClean Wipes for Pets, which is a spot solution for removing dirt from our furry friends.

The hypoallergenic BarkLogic Dogs Paw and Coat Wipes are specially made for dogs and puppies with sensitive skin. It gently cleans your pets of dirt and grime while moisturizing your furry friend’s coat and paws.

Ear Dog Wipes

Ear wipes are used to clean the outer part of our dog’s ear. Over time, natural oil and dirt accumulate on your dog’s skin and folds as well as the insides of the ear. Wax and other discharges may also cause our pet’s ear to look dirty and may even bring out some odors.

A practical solution to these problems is the Earthbath All Natural Specialty Ear Wipes. It is a convenient solution to remove ear wax and other dirt as well as to eliminate ear odors.

Also, Espree Ear Care for Pets has a peppermint fragrance and removes dirt and ear wax as well as odor, keeping your pup’s ears clean. It contains organic aloe vera and natural oils to restore the natural balance of your dog’s ears.

Eye Dog Wipes

A sick dog may often develop watery eyes. As such, they are more prone to having tear stains, mucus, and dirt around the eyes.

To remove these, it is safe to use eye wipes specially made for Fido like this Angel's Eyes Gentle Tear Stain Wipes. It cleans the area around your furry pet’s eyes and frees it from mucus, secretions, and tear stains. It is safe to use daily and does not require rinsing.

The Miracle Care Eye Clear Sterile Eye Wash is another option to clear a dog’s eye area. It has a soothing effect on removing tear stains for dogs. It gently cleans and soothes your dog’s eyes.

If you are looking for a PH-balanced wipe for your pets, this John Paul Pet Ear and Eye Pet Wipes for Dogs is a perfect choice. These damp wipes clean your dog’s eye area and remove odor. It contains sodium chloride to refresh and soothe the eyes while cleaning.

And the EARTHBATH Eye Wipes for Dogs and Puppies effectively removes eye mucus, discharge, and odor. These gentle wipes are safe to use even on puppies as it is entirely alcohol-free and lanolin-free.

Tooth and Gum Wipes

Imagine yourself in the park, and your furry pet suddenly chewed on something dirty that made his mouth smell bad. It would be the best time to use tooth and gum wipes on your pups.

One of these tooth and gum wipes is the Pet Tooth and Gum Pet Wipes, which helps in removing plaque on your pet’s teeth and cleans their teeth and gums. It comes in a peppermint fragrance to keep their breath smelling fresh too!

There is also the EARTHBATH Wipes for Dogs, and Puppies which contains no alcohol or any other harsh ingredients. It cleans your pet’s mouth and teeth of plaque, tartar, and odor-causing bacteria.

The Top Performance ProDental Wipes eliminate plaque build-up on teeth as well as tartar and freshens breath. Regular use of these dental wipes helps prevent the risk of getting gum diseases.

These dental dog wipes for teeth and gums are perfect for cleaning your furry friend’s mouth when they don’t want to do their daily tooth brushing or when you ran out of dog toothpaste. It helps promote your pet’s dental health.

Things to Consider

There are some things you should consider in choosing the best dog wipes for your beloved pet.

For one, choose a dog wipe depending on the purpose it is intended. A grooming wipe may not be suitable to use as an eye wipe as the former may contain ingredients that are not safe on the eyes. Hence, the ingredients in your pet’s wipes are also essential to consider.

Check what the wipes are manufactured with. Avoid ingredients that your furry friends are allergic to. When your pups have skin conditions, avoid those wipes that may trigger worsening of their skin problems.

Also, when you frequently go to the park or in public, bear in mind the size of the packaging of your furry pet’s wipe. Smaller packaging means that it is handier and more comfortable to bring around, especially in public places.

And when your pup is sensitive to some chemicals, always check with your vets on whether it is safe to use pet wipes. Follow your vet’s advice as they always know what is best for your dogs.