Holidaying With Dogs

Tips to take note of before going

Imagine you are off on holiday with the whole family. Of course, your fur baby is coming too! Sounds wonderful, right? But, wait! Holidaying with dogs should be well thought out!

Have you ever thought that maybe your four-legged friend would much rather stay at home? Or your travel destination is not really “suitable for dogs”?

Here are a few tips for a relaxing holiday with (or without) your dog.

Do Dogs enjoy Holidays?

As nice as the idea is to take your dog everywhere with you, sometimes it is just better for him to stay at home.

No dog likes to stay behind. When the fur parents go out, be it for a few hours, let alone days or weeks, the sadness is great. The joy is great when he can jump into the car and come with us!

But are you really doing him a favor by bringing him with you?

Dogs are not as location-bound as cats, but they too have their routine, the neighbor dogs they like (or don’t like) and their territory.

Climatic differences are especially problematic for some breeds. Unknown sounds and smells are exciting. The journey itself is at best ok for the dog. At worst, it is a torture.

Whether in the car, train, or plane, it may not be comfortable for a four-legged friend, contrary to what you think.

Holidaying with Dogs – Where to Go

On the Internet, dog-friendly destinations are easy to find. Whether you plan of going to the mountains, on the beach, or even to the city, there are lots of resources available online. Websites like or, offer information on European and international destinations.

Holidays with my Dog

But, of course, a holiday with a dog can be a lot of fun for the whole family! You just have to plan your holiday accordingly.

Do you want to do “culture” or are walks in nature your dream of the perfect holiday?

Holiday homes are definitely better suited than hotels. Your dog would have a more private place to move around. Inquire if there are dog-friendly restaurants around or if you are allowed to cook and eat in a holiday home.

For a trip to the beach, ask first if dogs are allowed at the local beach!

If all these fits, there is nothing to stop you from traveling with the whole family, dog included!

Do not Forget Formalities

In order to avoid being sent back to your country at the border, it is very important that you keep yourself informed about the respective entry regulations.

Vaccination cards, microchips, and veterinary health certificates are necessary almost everywhere when holidaying with dogs. More detailed information about this in European countries can be found here:

For international regulations, please contact the embassies or veterinary authorities of the country you want to visit. The regulations vary greatly from country to country.

But now, Pack your Bags

And so that your dog feels really comfortable after the long journey and would really enjoy his holiday, please don’t forget to pack a suitcase for him too!

Medication and dog care products are important to bring, of course. But just as well important are his usual food, his favorite toys, and a usual blanket. This will make it easier for your best friend to get over the change of location and get in the holiday mood!

I would rather not…

If all of these are too complicated, it might be nicer for you and your dog to go on separate ways in the meantime. It is possible with the help of other people. Dog sitters make it easy nowadays. Both your dog and your home are in good hands.

Then, have fun on holiday, with or without a dog!