Mixing Wet And Dry Dog Food (What You Need To Know)

Will my dog benefit from it?

Is it alright if I go mixing my pet’s wet and dry dog food? I know many of us have asked the very same question at one time or another.

Our pet experts here on dogschool.com agree that the simple answer to this question is “generally, yes“.

Mixing wet and dry dog food is completely okay as long as it provides the nutritional needs of our pets.

Things To Consider First

Before feeding your furry pets a mix of wet and dry dog food, always consider your dog’s health, medical condition, preferences, and nutritional needs.

If the ingredients in both the wet and dry dog food fully satisfy what your furry friend needs and wants, then go ahead and give him both.

Take note, however, of your pup’s medical conditions and sensitivities. If your dog has a prescribed diet, it is best to consult your vet on feeding your dog mixed food.

If your pet has food sensitivities and allergies, it is best to avoid mixing the wet and dry dog food when there is an ingredient in either one of the dog food to which your pup may be sensitive.

For some dogs, they may be suffering from some health issues which necessitate feeding them wet dog food alone. Hence, in such instances, it is not advisable at all to mix his wet food with dry kibbles.

Is it Okay to mix Two Kinds of Dog Food?

There are some benefits to mixing wet and dry dog food.

One benefit is it increases the taste. Mixing the two dog food makes dog meals more palatable for our pets. It also adds to a variety of textures to tempt the palate of our furry friends.

Another benefit is it increases water intake for our dogs. With this, they stay hydrated most of the time. Thus, it helps them avoid dehydration and other ailments due to lack of water intake.

Since wet food increases water intake, mixing your dog’s regular dry food with wet ones also helps in weight management. The extra water your dog intakes help in making him feel full without adding too much calorie intake.

Adding wet food to your pet’s diet can also help with weight loss since the extra water allows pets to feel full and be more satisfied after their meals.

Another benefit would be that it is a good option for picky eaters. Some dogs cannot consume wet dog food or dry dog food alone. Some pets cannot or do not like to eat plain dry food or plain wet food. In such instances, these dogs can still consume wet food when mixed with dry food and vice versa.

How much Wet Food do you Mix with Dry Dog Food?

Mixing dry and wet dog food must be done in proper portions. Dry food has more calories than wet food per serving. Hence, if you are to do a calorie count, the same portion of serving does not contain the same amount of calories.

Some dry dog food comes in packaging with a feeding guide in mixing dry dog food with wet dog food like CESAR Small Breed Dry & Wet Dog Food available on Amazon.

When your dog food package does not give you an idea of how much to mix proportionately, consult your vet on the proper proportion.

Pay your Vet a Visit

As always, it is still best to visit your vet to check what is best for your dogs. We might think that we know but actually know nothing about it.

There might be internal medical conditions we are not aware of. Hence, it is best to visit our vets regularly.

Ask your vet what is best for your dog. In terms of the nutrition and health of our dogs, our vets know best!