Puppy Socialization Classes

Does it pay off?

Have you ever heard of puppy socialization classes? If you did, you might have wondered what these classes are for and when to get your puppy to these classes?

What Are Puppy Socialization Classes?

Puppy socialization classes are informal classes for puppies to be introduced to their social environment and learn social behavior.

In these classes, puppies are exposed to their surroundings, interact with other people, meet other dogs, and learn how to act in public. In short, it is a way of acclimatizing your puppy to his future environment.

Letting your puppy experience a socialization class is beneficial to ensure that your puppy grows up well-behaved, confident, and happy.

When Should You Start Socializing Your Puppy?

The best time for a socialization class is when your puppy is in the first four months of his life. It is at this age that our puppies easily learn habits and traits that they will practice throughout their lives. He will start to understand the things happening around him and will learn how to react.

Thus, at this time, it is best to allow your puppy to undergo socialization classes.

It is also at this time that our puppies learn behaviors that they will have when they grow older. Hence, during these socialization classes, it is important that your puppy is exposed to various environmental settings.

What your Puppy would Learn in Socialization Classes?

During the socialization period, your puppy would learn basic dog obedience training. Your pet will be introduced to basic dog commands such as sit, stay, down, and no. Your furry pet will also be taught to answer a call and understand some basic hand signals.

Also, in advanced socialization classes, some behavioral issues of your puppy are addressed. Examples of these behavioral issues are excessive barking, biting, digging, licking, and more. Your dog will also be taught some social behaviors like walking on a leash, stop jumping on people, and others.

At the socialization time, you, as a pet owner, will know how to take charge of and communicate with your puppy. You will learn to develop confidence in handling your pet and create a better relationship with him.

Professional Socialization Classes

While you may handle these socialization classes yourself, there might be a time when you would be busy or not available to do things regularly.

Hence, there are professional puppy and dog trainers who can handle your puppy’s socialization learnings for a cost. The cost of dog training varies from place to place and sometimes on a case-to-case basis.

However, there are still some local pet stores that offer free socialization classes for puppies.

One of these is the Dog Days of Buffalo that offers free puppy socialization classes are every Wednesday between 6:30-7:30 pm in Amherst Street, Buffalo, NY.

Likewise, Paradigm Dog School has free Puppy Socials where your puppy gets to socialize with other puppies every Monday, 5:30-6:00 pm in Grand Haven, MI.

On the other hand, if you are planning to teach your puppy these socialization lessons by yourself, you might want to consider looking into books for dog training to help and guide you along the way.

Doing the process correctly would surely give you more confidence in handling your dog.

Why Socialize your Puppy

Through socialization, your puppy will grow up to be a well-adjusted and well-mannered dog. Your puppy would be socially presentable.

When you have a well-mannered dog, you would not have a hard time when bringing your puppy to public places. You will find it easier to associate your dog with other dogs.

You will have better communication and relationship with your dog. It will be easier to train your dog additional tricks as you communicate better and your dog is already receptive to commands.

Hence, socializing your puppy would not only benefit your puppy. It would surely benefit you too!