Is A Slow Feed Dog Bowl Good For My Dog?

One problem most dog owners sometimes had to contend with is canine obesity. This is mainly due to our dogs’ habit of over-eating. To address this problem, pet product companies introduced the slow-feed dog bowl designed for our pets.

What is a Slow Feed Dog Bowl?

As the name suggests, slow-feed dog bowls are dog food bowls designed to slow down eating. This dog feeder bowl encourages your pet to eat slowly, which would prove beneficial health-wise.

Slow feed dog bowls come in different styles and make, giving you lots of choices. Some may be designed like a maze where your dog has to figure out first how to get his food before getting to enjoy it. The designs prevent your dogs from gobbling and consuming their food all at once.

Some of these slow feeder bowls come in ceramics, while others are made of stainless steel.

Are Slow Feed Dog Bowls Good for Dogs?

Yes, a slow-feeder dog bowl is definitely good for dogs.

Undeniably, some dogs tend to eat too fast, especially if they love their food. And when they do, too many dangers are possible.

Benefits of a slow feeder dog bowl?

A slow feeder dog bowl prevents choking.

As with humans, our dog may choke for eating too quickly. Not chewing heightens the tendency of our dog to choke. The same goes when they swallow a large amount of food in one go.

But with a slow feeder bowl, your dog gets his food in small portions, eliminating the tendency to swallow too much that might get lodged on his throat.

Slow feeder dog bowls help prevent over-eating.

Eating too fast makes our dog eat too much too!

Take note that, for us humans, it takes a while for the brain to register that we are already full. It may be true as well when it comes to our dogs.

There are times when our dogs just eat continuously and quickly, polishing their dog bowls in no time. When this happens, they may have eaten too much when they realize they are full and had enough. Too late, though, as they may already have eaten more than they should have.

But, with slow feeder dog bowls, it takes a while for our dog to get to his food, giving time for the brain to signal that it is time to stop because he is already full.

A slow feed dog bowl promotes proper weight management.

Since these slow feed bowls prevent over-eating, our dogs are able to maintain a healthy weight. This ultimately helps our dog from contracting health problems related to obesity. A slow feeding time promotes the overall well-being of our dogs.

Get your dog a slow feed dog bowl for weight management
Slow feeder dog bowls help prevent indigestion, bloating, and stomach problems.

Even when your dog does not get choked when eating rapidly, the probability would be for him to feel bloated.

In most cases of dogs eating too fast, they tend to throw up food minutes after fully consuming them. This is attributed to indigestion as your pet’s intestine cannot work out too much food all at once.

When our dogs eat slowly, they do not gulp in excessive air, which causes bloating, flatulence, vomiting, and hiccups.

Eating slowly through these slow-feeder dog bowls prevents indigestion. A slower eating routine allows for better chewing and proper digestion, preventing bloating and other gastrointestinal discomforts.

A slow feeder dog food bowl stimulates your dog mentally.

Slow feeder dog bowls encourage our dogs to think beyond what they see to get food in their mouths.

Some of these slow feeder bowls come in 3-D maze style, encouraging your dog to figure out how to get his food. Designed in various mazes and styles, these slow-feeder dog bowls stimulate the mental health of our dogs.