When Can Puppies Go Outside?

We pet parents only want the best for our young pups. We want them safe all the time. Often, we want our newborn and very young pets within our sight. But, we all agree that they need to see the world and earn new things. So, when can puppies go outside safely?

As new puppy parents, lots of questions pop up in our minds. I don’t know about you, but one question that popped into my mind was can my puppies go outside in their first week of life?

At an early age, I wanted my pup exposed to his environment. I wanted him to feel comfortable in his new home and new play yard.

However, not being fully vaccinated yet, I was hesitant to take my puppy out to expose him to his environment.

Dogs need to go out to get exposure to people, other dogs, and gain socialization experiences

Benefits of Bringing Your Puppy Outdoors

Bringing your puppy out and exposing him to the environment outside your home offers numerous benefits for his physical and mental development.

Here are several reasons why you should bring your puppy outside:


Outdoor excursions provide an opportunity for your puppy to meet and socialize with other dogs, people, and various environments. This helps them develop social skills, learn appropriate behavior, and become more comfortable in different situations.


Puppies need to get exercise to promote bone and muscle development. They also have abundant energy that they need to spend to stay healthy.

Taking them outside allows them to explore, play, and spend some of that energy. These physical activities promote muscle development, coordination, and cardiovascular health.

Mental Development

Outdoor environments expose puppies to new sights, sounds, smells, and experiences. These environments and experiences stimulate a puppy’s mind, promoting mental development.

Exploring different places and undertaking new experiences engage their senses and help them develop cognitive skills, problem-solving abilities, and curiosity.

Introduction to Potty Training

Early exposure to the yard could be an introduction to potty training. Taking them outside provides the opportunity for them to relieve themselves in an appropriate location, reinforcing good potty habits.

Training Opportunities

Getting your puppy acquainted with outdoor spaces allows him to get familiar with some of his training grounds in the future. When your dog is familiar with his environment, there will be lesser distractions during training sessions.

Bonding Time

Bringing your dog out provides more time for you and your dog to spend together. Spending time outdoors with your puppy allows for bonding experiences between the two of you.

You can engage in interactive play, go for walks together, or simply relax in a park. These shared moments between you and your dog help strengthen your relationship and build trust.

Bring your puppy or dog outdoors

Is It Time To Bring My Puppies Outside?

There is really no rule on when you can take your puppy out for the first time.

However, there is that rule of thumb that you should wait until your puppy gets his first round of vaccinations (around 6-8 weeks of age) before bringing them out. This is because puppies are vulnerable to a variety of infectious diseases that they can catch from other unvaccinated dogs.

While puppy socialization is likewise important, you should not compromise your pup’s health by exposing him to potential health dangers.

Can puppies go outside in their first week of life?

Even a newborn puppy can be brought out of your house or into the yard in moderately warm weather.

Of course, you will have to carry your puppy in your arms to ensure his safety.

Also, bringing your weeks-old pup outdoors would only be possible (generally) when the mother comes along. And always make sure that you don’t keep them out for so long.

For adopted puppies, most likely, your pup would have been weaned. They can then venture out under close monitoring, of course.

And when your puppy is old enough to be house-trained, then it is time to take your puppy outside for potty training. Slowly introduce your pup to the yard to acclimate him for potty training soon.

When can a puppy go outside without much supervision?

It would depend on how well your pup is trained.

Bringing your pet outside for the first time may be quite disconcerting. Many distractions and temptations are around, which may result in an accident when coupled with your young pup’s mischievousness and curiosity.

For example, when your furry pet has been trained to potty outdoors, letting him out to do his thing requires little supervision and not much of a fuss. When your pet has done puppy training (like puppy socialization classes) and needs to do more, it is safe to take him out as needed.

In these instances, age really does not matter. Do not base it on how many weeks of age your four-pawed companion is. What is important is that your puppy should have been trained to behave when outdoors.

Expose your puppy to people and other dogs

Things To Consider Before Bringing Your Puppy Outside

Bringing a new puppy home is an exciting time for any new pet parent. As a responsible pet owner, it’s crucial to take steps to ensure your puppy’s safety and well-being, both indoors and outdoors.

Thus, you should consider several factors before taking your puppy out.

Vaccination Status

The primary consideration before taking your puppies outdoors is their vaccination status.

Puppies are vulnerable and more prone to a variety of infectious diseases that they can catch from other unvaccinated dogs. It’s important to wait until your puppy has received their first set of vaccinations at around 6-8 weeks of age before taking them outside. This will help protect your puppy from potentially fatal illnesses like canine distemper.

Age And Size

Please take note of your puppy’s age and size before taking him out. Most vets recommend bringing a puppy outside when they are in their 14th-16th week of age or 3 months old or more.

Young puppies and small-breed puppies are prone to contracting diseases, especially when not vaccinated. Their little body cannot just easily fight off bacteria and viruses, which causes them to get sick easily.


Ensure that the weather is warm or mild when taking your puppy outdoors. A new puppy is not in the best of health as he is still developing his immune system.

Also, he is not fully immune to some health issues yet until he had his first vaccination.

Our little pups are sensitive to extremities. Extreme coldness may cause our young puppies to catch colds and flu. Consider getting him a winter coat or jacket to keep him warm.

On the other hand, too much hot weather will make our pups susceptible to heat exhaustion, dehydration, heatstroke, and other heat-related illnesses.

So, in extreme weather, keep the visit outdoors shorter and bring your puppy home after a while.

When can puppy go outside


Make sure that someone is available to supervise your puppy when you decide to bring him out. Ensure that a person is always around to protect your pups from any danger the world may bring. Keep your puppy within your sight wherever he may go.

Monitor your puppy at all times to ensure they do not do things they should not do. So, when your pup is outdoors, you ought to stay outdoors, too!

If your furry friends love the grass in your yard, but you do not have that much time to stay outdoors, getting this alternative inside the home would do the trick.


Make sure your dogs and puppies are safe when you take them out

Check the environment if there are possible dangers where you are taking your puppy. Check for things around your home that may cause accidents, like choking hazards, holes where they might fall in, and the like.

If your pups really enjoy staying in the yard, you may want to consider getting a puppy playpen where they can stay securely without fear of any danger.

Can I Take My Puppy Outside Before Vaccinations?

There’s really nothing to stop you if you want to take your puppies out in the garden or in dog parks before your pup gets his injections or vaccinations.

However, it has been a takeaway that most pet owners bring their new puppies outdoors 2 weeks after their first set of vaccinations. And that is around 3-4 months from birth.

It is best to get your puppies fully vaccinated

Most vets recommend that pups must first undergo a round of vaccinations before it is safe for us to bring them outdoors. These vaccinations include their first one when they are on their 6-8 weeks of age.

The second round of vaccinations is two booster vaccinations at around 10-12 weeks old.

As your puppy is still developing his immune system, it is best to play safe and avoid possible triggers and causes of illnesses.

Fully vaccinated dogs and puppies have more chances of warding off possible diseases. It ensures that they are in the best of health and fully protected, especially when they go out.

Let Them Explore

When Can Puppies Go Outside

If you want your puppies to grow up to be well-behaved dogs, allow them to explore their surroundings.

Do not keep your puppy at home when he is already of age to undergo some dog training. Puppies need to discover things and learn.

Although it ensures that they are safer than being out, keeping them at home does not really help in training them to be better and healthier dogs.

Allowing them to enroll in puppy socialization classes may help them learn how to associate with people and other dogs.

Ensure that your puppy gains new experiences to develop the skills they need to grow up in good health.

No matter what your puppy’s age is, dog training is important to help him and keep him around you for a long time.