Why Does My Dog Eat So Fast All The Time?

Why does my dog eat so fast? You ask yourself as you notice dog food gone magically with just a few gobbles.

You may have noticed your furry companion, at one point, eating so fast. When he does this occasionally, he might just be too hungry to slow down. But, when he does it regularly, it may be a cause for concern.

Learn why your dog eats so fast and how to slow him down.

Why do dogs eat fast?

There are a few reasons why dogs eat fast.


One of the main reasons why our furry friends eat too fast is competition.

Born in a pack of pups, most of these dogs, at an early age, would eat fast for fear of getting too little to eat.

Most of the time, our young pups are fed and share in one feeder bowl. If you are one of them, most likely, you will eat fast to get as much as you can before the food runs out.


Another reason your dogs may be eating too fast is breed. There are dog breeds that are competitive by nature. They get challenged with every task, including eating. They think that if they finish fast, they have better chances of survival, whatever the task and environment is.


Habit may also be one reason your dogs eat too quickly. When as a young pup, you have allowed your pet to gobble his food fast and have not corrected this behavior, they easily inculcate this habit and will continue to do so.

Health Issue

The fact that your dog polishes his feeder bowl in no time may be an indication of an underlying illness like worm infestation. When your dogs consume up to their food fast and are always unusually hungry, they may be suffering from a health issue that is not visible to us.

People have been making their own slow feed dog bowls at home

Should I stop my dog from eating fast?

We all know that our dogs’ fast-eating habits tend to bring more problems than benefits that they are not picky eaters. When our dogs eat fast, they tend to gulp a lot of air, which results in bloating. This condition then causes your dog to pass doggy gas a lot. You also fear canine indigestion and other stomach problems.

When your dog easily finishes his food in a little more than 30 seconds, it can be a cause for concern.

There might be things not visible to the human eye that causes your dog to eat fast.

Consuming food fast results in the accumulation of doggy gas that can cause your dog to suffer from an upset tummy and other complications.

Worry no more as we share with you these brilliant ideas to encourage your dogs to eat slower.

How do I stop my dog from eating so fast?

And, you are faced now with the question, “how do I stop my dog from gobbling his food?

There are several ways to help slow down your dog from eating his food too fast.

Give a little at a time.

When your dogs eat too fast, one way to help them stop this habit is to put dog food on your pet’s feeder bowls little by little. Then, divide the amount of food you give your pup into as many parts as you can refill.

For example, if your dogs eat 2 cups of food in one meal, divide these 2 cups of food into four parts. Put one part on your pet’s dog food bowl. Wait until your pup finishes all the food before putting in another part. Do this until your pet finishes all his dog food or when he has given up on eating.

Give him water before eating.

Allow your dog to drink water before mealtime. The amount of water they consume would make them feel a bit full. With their stomach a little full of liquid, they tend to eat slower and consume a lesser amount of food.

Give your dog water before eating.

Hand-feed your dog.

Handing out dog food to your dog, little by little works to slow feed them. The trick here is to put food on your pet’s feed bowls. Hold the bowl in one hand and take some dog food in your other hand. Next, hand out some dog food to your pup and wait for them to chew on it and swallow before giving more.

This trick also works to train your dog to behave positively. This method of feeding your dog can be used as a training scheme for any behavioral issue. Plus, it gives you time to bond with your dog and develop a better relationship with him.

Use a treat-dispensing or food-dispensing toy.

Get your dog a treat-dispensing toy like this KONG Classic Dog Toy. This toy bounces unpredictably, which gives your dog some time to get more food in his mouth.

You may also want to try a food-dispensing dog toy like this StarMark treat-dispensing Bob-A-Lot dog toy. With its non-slip base, this toy wobbles when touched, stimulating your dog to think about how to get food from the inside, preventing your dog from getting too much food in his mouth all at once. It comes in two sizes, depending on how much food you need to give your dog.

Rest your mind on the safety of these toys as they are free from BPA, PVC, and Phthalate, which could harm our dog when ingested.

Use a slow feed dog bowl.

But why do dogs need slow feeders?

Due to the special design of slow feeder dog bowls, dog food is strategically placed around the bowl, which works to slow down eating. These slow feeders help your pet manage his weight by eating slow.

Despite the design, it still allows your dog to reach around the bowl to get every last morsel of their dog food.

Visit your vet.

For extreme cases of fast eating and over-eating, it is recommended that you take your dog to the vet as it might be a sign of an underlying health problem.

Have your dog check for the presence of worms as fast-eating and over-eating may be an indication that there are parasites living within your pets.