Basic Dog Training

Effective ways to train your dog!

Whether you are having a dog as a pet or for some other purpose like a therapy dog, it is necessary that your dog has some dog training, even a basic one.

What Is Dog Training?

Dog training has been defined as the process of analyzing behavioral patterns and applying them to amend or improve a dog’s behavior. Training your furry friends is necessary not just for shaping a dog’s behavior to adapt to specific activities like hunting or herding but even in daily ordinary domestic living.

In training a dog, you or a dog trainer teaches a dog how to act given certain stimuli. For example, you may train your dog to sit every time you show him the open palm of your hand and bring it toward your chest as a basic hand signal.

Training your dogs also includes growing your pets to adapt to a natural behavior that is appropriate to social norms and domestic life. It includes dog obedience training, which imparts to your dogs some basic commands which they should obey.

How Do You Train Your Dog?

There are many options for you to train your dog or puppy.

When you have a puppy, and your lifestyle or workload does not provide you with enough time to train your dog, you may opt to enroll your dog in puppy socialization classes.

In cases where you need to get a dog trained as a service animal, many organizations provide training for service dogs. Our article here lists some of these organizations which provide service dogs.

There are also some pet stores like Petsmart and Petco, which provide training classes for both puppies and dogs. Check on your local pet stores as they might have these services too!

Can I Train My Dog Myself?

Yes, training your dog yourself is possible and advantageous too. If you would train your own furry pet, you do not have to pay for the services of a dog trainer. Hence, it would be less costly.

Also, it would give you more time to bond with your dog and develop a better relationship with him. It is also practical since you already know the attitude of your dog. You understand how he would react, given particular circumstances. Hence, it would be easier for you to train him.

There are several ways to train your dog. However, the most effective and most used are positive reinforcement and clicker training.

The positive reinforcement method uses rewards to create the perception in our dogs that a particular behavior gains them a reward in return. The reward can be in the form of training treats or toys.

In this type of training, a dog learns to associate certain behaviors with rewards. Hence, a dog knows that behaving positively will get him a treat or a toy. In the long run, given the same stimulus, the dog will behave the same way, with or without the reward.

The other type of dog training popularly resorted to by dog owners is clicker training. This type of training is done with the use of a clicker. A clicker is a small handheld device that makes a clicking sound when a button is pushed. This type of dog training is usually resorted to in dog obedience training.

In clicker training, your furry friend associates the clicking sound with treats. Eventually, you teach your dog some basic commands along with a clicker and treats. Over time, your dog would learn that obeying commands would get him treats. And soon, he will develop the habit of dog obedience.

You might find this book about clicker training helpful.

A Well-Trained Dog

It is good to check out other resources to get the most of everything in training your own dog. It is always best that you stay consistent and determined.

Training your pet may sound so daunting at first. But, if you enjoy what you do, you and your dog are sure to have fun out of dog training.

Remember, a well-trained dog is a good and happy dog.