Best Ceramic Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Are you looking for a way to slow down your dog from gulping his/her food? Choosing the right dog bowl, with the many choices out there, may be challenging. But a ceramic slow-feeder dog bowl is one option.

Ceramic slow-feed dog bowls have their advantages. These slow-feed bowls can help prevent your dog from eating too quickly and improve his digestion.

Check out these ceramic slow-feeders we recommend for dog owners to improve their dog’s eating habits.

Why Choose a Ceramic Dog Bowl for a Slow Feeder

When your dog eats too fast, he tends to gulp in the air in the process. This generally causes canine bloat and indigestion. In these cases, slow-feeder dog bowls can help slow down your pets from finishing their meals too quickly.

Ceramic dog bowls have advantages over plastic and stainless steel bowls. Every slow-feeder provides an extra challenge for every dog, whether you are feeding them wet food, kibble or dry food, or a mix of both.

Advantages of Using Ceramic Slow Feeders

Ceramic slow feeders are a great solution to every pet owner’s problem of slowing down his furry friend during mealtime.

A slow feed bowl most often comes with a non-skid base that would prevent them from sliding on the floor or flat surfaces while your dog eats his meals. Most of these products are well-designed to accommodate every pet’s needs.


Ceramic is known for its strength and durability. It does not easily get brittle like plastic and corrode over time like stainless steel.

Stays Cool Longer

Additionally, ceramic bowls remain cool, which is helpful in keeping food fresh longer.


Some ceramic slow-feed dog bowls are microwave-safe. Simply pop the slow feeder bowl on the microwave to heat your dog’s wet or raw food.

Easy to Clean

Ceramics require no fuss in cleaning as they are easy to clean. Most are dishwasher-safe too.

Comes in Many Designs

On top of that, they come in a wide variety of designs, shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from, you have lots of choices to fit your home interior.

With a smooth finish, ceramic dog bowls ensure that our dogs stay scratch-free and safe while eating.

With all these advantages, it’s no surprise that ceramic is one of the most popular materials used in slow-feeder dog bowls.

Different bowls vary depending on your dog's size

Disadvantages of Using Ceramic Slow Feed Bowls

While ceramic slow-feed bowls have their advantages, they do not come without disadvantages. There are a few cons to using ceramic slow-feed bowls.


Weighing a little heavier than plastic ones. They may add quite a burden when traveling. If you plan on frequently taking your puppy or dog on trips, it might be a better option to choose one made of lighter materials such as plastic.

Prone to Cracking/Chipping

A small drop or bump on the floor or wall can cause a ceramic slow-feed dog bowl to crack or chip off. Any crack or chip would be a hazard to your pup in case they ingest some of the ceramic material.

Given the advantages and disadvantages above, it is up to you to analyze if the pros of using ceramic slow-feeder bowls far outweigh the cons.

There are also raised ceramic slow feeder dog bowls to keep dogs from stooping so low

Our Choices of the Best Ceramic Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

Slow-feeder dog bowls come in various styles, colors, and sizes. But if you are looking for ceramic ones in particular, here are our favorites.

Our Top Pick

LE TAUCI Slow Feeder Ceramic, Slow Feeding Dog Bowl Small Medium Breed
  • Ceramic Material, More Suit For Your Dog - The veterinarian recommends using a ceramic bowl for your dogs. According to investigations, plastic bowls are easy to cause black jaws. If you love your dog, our ceramic slow food bowl will be your best choice. These dog feeder bowls are made from ceramic. Microwave safe, you can heat your dog's food at any time.
  • Premium Ceramic, Prevent Your Dog From Eating Plastic - We found that plastic slow food bowls are easily damaged by dogs, they will bite and eat by mistake. The surface of the plastic will also fall off during use, which is not conducive to a healthy diet for dogs. We use premium ceramic, not easy to damage, so your dog could enjoy his food safely and healthily.

Runner Up

Addogyy Dog Bowl Slow Feeder Ceramic for Medium and Large Breed
  • Large Ceramic Dog Bowl Microwave Safe Stop Overeating: Our dog feeder food bowls are made from ceramic. Microwave safe, you can heat your dog's food and water at any time. If you love your dog, our ceramic slow feeder bowl will be your best choice. YOUR PETS DESERVE THE BEST!Using our slow feeder bowl that Your pet could change his fast and overeating behavior through a challenge and fun mealtime.It's heavy not easy to move!
  • Ceramic Dog Bowls capacity : Measures 8.6" Dia x 1.57"H, Weight: 2.7LB, Perfect for small/medium/large size dogs .Especially for medium and large sized dogs ! Anti-Chocking And Slow Down The Eating Time - Unique interactive design,promotes healthy slow eating, helping prevent obesity, bloat, regurgitation and overeating. Also the smooth design of the mouth, to avoid the pet mouth and tongue from being scratched.

Also Great

KOFPAR Ceramic Slow Feeder Dog Bowl, Medium Large Breed
  • 🦴【CERAMIC MATERIAL】 Veterinarians highly recommend using our ceramic slow food bowl for dogs to prevent jaw diseases, and allergies. Our durable, microwave-safe, and easy-to-clean bowl has a slow food column design that slows down the speed of pet eating, improving your dog's IQ, and preventing health issues associated with overeating.
  • 🦴【DURABLE AND HEATABLE】 Our ceramic slow-food bowl is a better choice than plastic bowls, which can easily be damaged and produce unhealthy chemicals when heated. Our bowl is made of ceramic, ensuring it can withstand wear and tear while also being microwave-safe, so you can heat your dog's food and water whenever needed.

Also Great

Leashboss Slow Feeder Dog Bowl for Flat Face Breeds
  • PERFECT FOR FLAT FACE AND SHORT SNOUT BREEDS: Pugs, Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, other short-snouted dogs and even cats will love this patented slow-feed food bowl. Regular slow feed bowls can be a challenge for those pets with shorter snouts. A gentle incline and wide, shallow rounded channels lets your pup enjoy eating without squashing their snout.
  • PROMOTE HEALTHIER EATING: This tilted dog bowl with a fun puzzle maze aids digestion and helps prevent overeating, gulping, bloat, choking, vomiting, and other unwanted effects from your dog devouring food too fast. This slanted dog bowl holds 1.5 cups of dry food, wet food, or raw food while challenging and engaging your dog’s interest every mealtime.

Make Your Choice

With these slow-feed dog bowl choices, surely your problem of canine bloat and getting your dog to eat slowly is now resolved. Choose what is perfect for your pets depending on their breeds, the amount of dog food they consume every meal and other factors.

Take note, though, to always check for cracks and chips in your dog’s particular bowl. Any crack can cut your dogs’ mouths and tongues while eating. Also, cracks create crevices where bacteria and fungi can thrive.

Once you see any crack or chip, dispose of the dog bowl immediately. As always, it is better to be safe than sorry.