Best Dog Bath Tubs

I know we always have wanted to groom and bathe our furry pets ourselves but always find it hard to do so. For one, there are so many things to note like water temperature, dog shampoo, dog comb, and brush, etc. But what really makes it hard for most dog owners are getting their dogs to stay still and enjoy bathing. Luckily, with the help of the best dog bath tubs, the problem of bathing and grooming our pups is made easier.

How To Choose The Best Dog Bath Tubs?

Dog bath tubs come in various colors, sizes, and styles. Hence, choosing the best one may prove challenging for every dog owner. But in choosing the perfect bathtub for our pups, it is good to consider the following.


Choose a bath tub fitting for your dog. When you have a large breed dog, of course, you should buy a large bath tub for him too. Otherwise, he will not fit in the tub, and the bathtub you bought would be of no use.

When you have a small breed dog, it is also best to buy a small-sized tub. Having a too large tub for your small dog may prove to be the wrong choice. Your pup may go around the tub and move more carelessly, making bathing him a taxing experience.

The height of a bathtub also matters as it makes it easier for you. Choose one which does not require you to stoop down or raise yourself too much. Remember, bathing your dog takes several minutes to accomplish. We wouldn’t want any aching backs after doing it.


Choose a bath tub made of durable materials for longevity. Spending more on a more durable bath tub may prove a worthy investment, especially when you have several dogs using the same bathtub or when you plan on bathing your dog yourself regularly.

If you do not have a most likely permanent space in which to put your doggy bath tub, you might consider something made of lighter materials for mobility and secure transfers from one area to another. But always ensure that it can withstand your doggy’s weight and does not strain too much under regular use.

Easier to Clean

If you are planning to do the bathing of your pups regularly, choose a tub that is easier to clean. Bathing your dog is already a time- and energy-consuming task for most dog owners. There is no need to add to this the stress of cleaning your doggy’s bath tub.


Choose bath tubs that will make things easier for you. If your pups are so energetic even during bath time, it is best that they are tethered while taking a bath.

If you have a bigger tub for your dog to move around but at some point would want him to stay still, choose a bath tub having a hook attachment where they can be tethered.

While you could buy some hook attachments to stick to your tub, a built-in attachment is more reliable in keeping your puppy in one place while bathing.

If you are planning on putting your pup’s bath tub inside your home, it is advisable that your doggy’s tub has a non-slip stand. In grooming your dogs, water and shampoo get splashed around, and the floor could easily get wet.

It is safer that the bath tub is non-slipping so that when it happens, your bath tub stays in place and does not slide or move around.

Most tubs also come with product holders or racks to put your bathing necessities in. Choose a bath tub that can accommodate your pups’ grooming accessories like puppy shampoo or dog shampoo, soap, comb, and others. It will make things easier for you to reach out while giving your beloved pet his bath.

Depending on your budget, you could also find bath tubs with other accessories like hoses and plugs for putting in water and draining and cleaning the tub.

Spending on your dog’s bath tub and its accessories is worth it in the end especially when you do your dog bathing and dog grooming yourself and regularly.

Best Dog Bath Tubs

Looking for the best dog bath tub? We looked at several dog bath tubs and listed the best here to make things easier for you.

Our Top Pick

Furesh Insider Dog Bath Tub and Wash Station
  • BATH TIME MADE EASY: Bathe your cat or dog indoors or outdoors without the backache - or the mess - with 360-degree access to your pet. Portable bathing and grooming tub fits inside your bathtub or shower and helps you keep your pet clean while...
  • PERFECT WASHING & GROOMING HEIGHT: No more backache - the elevated tub makes bathing and grooming easy on your back and knees by putting your pet at the perfect height - just short of 35 inches. Two side pockets store shampoo and other bathing or...

Runner Up

Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bathing Medium
  • 360 degrees access for easy bathing and drying
  • Drain hose allows you to easily direct drainage and you stay dry while bathing
  • Single Piece Construction
  • Made in the USA

Also Great

Beberoad Pets 2 in 1 Dog Bath Tub Dog Washing Station
  • 2 in 1 DELIGHT: Stands 38" tall, bathe your pets without backache, making bathing time easy. Moreover, the detachable design enables the bathtub to be removed from the stand for separate use. The maximum weight capacity is up to 62lbs, better for...
  • FOLDABLE AND PORTABLE: Both the stand and bathtub can be easily folded up for convenient storage, making it ideal for on-the-go, also for indoor and outdoor use.

Dog Pool

Swimming Pool for Grooming, Bathing, or Play by PETMAKER
  • COLLAPSIBLE DOG POOL - This dog pool is designed to fold up for compact storage when not in use, and it comes with its own convenient carry bag to take with you on the go. Pop up this handy portable pool whenever your pup needs to bathe or cool off.
  • DURABLE DESIGN - The pool for dogs is made of durable PVC materials to help prevent punctures from your pet’s nails and to keep the doggy pool from collapsing when filled with water. We recommend still trimming your dog’s nails before entering...

Budget Pick

Eooqi Foldable Dog Bath Swimming Pool
  • 【High-quality Material, Sturdy Durable】The dog pool / kids pool is made of high-density fiberboard and high-quality PVC material. Strong enough and uneasy to collapse and deform. The bottom is made of abrasion resistant non-slip textured fabric,...
  • 【Multiple Size Selection】Our foldable pet swimming pool offers a versatile range to suit various pet sizes and preferences. With 6 different sizes available and 2 color options (blue and gray), it caters to the enjoyment of playtime for small,...

Why Use A Dog Bath Tub?

There are dogs that are just averse to taking a bath. They are scared of getting wet (or may be scared of getting shampoo on their eyes?) Dog bathing is really a tricky quest for every fur parent.

But knowing how to give our dogs basic dog care is important for hygienic purposes, not only for your dog but also for you and the rest of the family too.

Bathing your furry pets is essential for proper hygiene. Can you imagine yourself bonding with your dog and hugging him after a day of playing and running around at the park? For sure, your doggy would be covered with dirt and sweat, not to mention what else he could have picked up in public places. In such cases, it is good to give him a bath to keep him clean before snuggling with him again.

Dog bath tubs make life easier for dog owners. Now, anybody who wants to bathe his own dog can do so easily with these bath tubs.

It saves them the time of bringing their pets to dog grooming services and local pet stores and saves them from grooming bills, too! Yet, it provides the perfect opportunity for you and your pets to bond and enjoy some fun moments together.

Dog bathtubs make things easier for us who love giving our pets their regular baths. Besides saving us the time of bringing them to pet grooming services, we also save money from paying for those services. And if we regularly avail of these dog grooming services, then we surely can save a lot from pet bills.

Having a dog bathtub allows us to bond more with our dogs. By personally bathing our pups, we spend more fun and productive times with them. Hence, it keeps our relationship with them stronger.