Best Puppy Pacifier

In the same way that your little babies teethe, puppies do as well. They undergo discomfort and pain during that time.

How can you help? Give your puppy a pacifier to calm and soothe him.


Is There a Puppy or Dog Pacifier?

The simple answer is yes. And the next question is, can puppies use pacifiers? Again, the answer is yes, of course. Further below we will discuss the importance of using a dog or puppy pacifier. But for now, here are the best which made it on our list.

The Best Puppy Pacifiers

Having a good puppy pacifier chew toy will make your puppies occupied and have that good chewing instinct. Hence, our team has listed and reviewed five of the best puppy pacifiers.

Our Top Pick

These cute puppy chew toys from Nylabone are made from soft thermoplastic polymer that will delight your puppies chewing habits. They are created for teething puppies and stimulate non-destructive chewing.

Nylabone Puppy Chew Teething Pacifier Bacon Flavor X-Small/Petite - Up to 15 lbs.

This Nylabone puppy pacifier chew toys have bristles that raise while your puppies chew on it. These bristles help clean your pups’ teeth and fight against tartar build-up. Its captivating colors and texture will also cling to your puppies’ daily fun activities.

Runner Up

The Foufit’s 4” Paci-Chew is made from thermoplastic rubber which is a safe and durable material and is also BPA and latex-free. Thermoplastic rubber material is wear-resistant and at the same time flexible and soft.

FOUFIT 4' Paci-Chew, Large, Pink

Its bumpy texture is made especially to clean your puppies’ teeth and minimizes tartar formation while he is chewing on it. This paci-chew also features a built-in squeaker for your puppies’ fun leisure.

Also Great

This puppy pacifier toy from Ethical Pet is recommended for dogs aged from six months old to three years old. Made from latex material, hence this puppy pacifier tends to be extra durable and long-lasting for your dogs to chew. It is also a non-toxic puppy pacifier toy that your pups can safely play and have fun with.

Ethical Puppy Pacifier 4-Inch Latex Dog Toy, Colors May Vary (2 Pack)

It is approximately 4-inch in length and its dimension is measured to be 1.25 x 5 x 8.5 inches and weighs around 1.16 ounces.

Also Great

Made from non-toxic and latex materials, this puppy pacifier toy from Coastal Pet is safe and suitable for your pups’ everyday use. It comes up with an inline squeaker to ensure your puppies’ safety and protection.

Coastal Pet Rascals Latex Pacifier Dog Toy | Pink | 4.5-Inch Long

This 4.5” puppy pacifier toy’s specific dimension is 5.4 x 2.6 x 0.4 inches and can be used by dogs of every age. Your puppies will enjoy this pacifier’s firm texture and will surely enjoy chewing on it.

Also Great

This Kong teething toy satisfies our pups’ need during their teething stage. Intended for puppies up to nine months of age, this pacifier promotes positive chewing behavior.

KONG - Puppy Binkie - Soft Teething Rubber, Treat Dispensing Dog Toy - for Medium Puppies - Blue

This teething pacifier is fillable with any Kong puppy treats or snacks and would be a flavored pacifier. Thus, a Kong pacifier is also a treat-dispensing toy that keeps your young pups away from boredom. It comes in two colors and two sizes too!

Choose from the Best

Puppy chew toys like teething pacifiers are essential tools for your pups’ growing process, especially during their teething stage.

Puppy pacifiers are recommended by vets when your pups are just starting to learn to eat. It encourages them to grab the teether with their mouths and teeth and teaches them to chew.

Puppies, especially the teething ones, also use pacifiers. When puppies are teething, their gums are throbbing and most of the time, they experience pain. Hence, a pacifier soothes their discomfort or pains from their growing teeth.

Puppy pacifiers also have oral benefits since they clean your puppies’ teeth and gums and remove some of that tartar build-up.

Training your little pups to chew on their puppy pacifiers can help them build positive chewing habits while they are still young. This habit can also prevent future problems with your dogs from ripping off or chewing on your shoes, sofas, and other home furniture.

Giving them the right comfort toys can really be appreciated by him and will be of great help to make him active in his daily activities.

In choosing the right puppy pacifiers, always consider that you are only providing your puppy the best and safest for his development and health.