Best Retractable Dog Leash

Looking for the best retractable dog leash? We have compiled here the best retractable leashes on the market.

Best Retractable Dog Leashes

There are a lot of dog leashes out there and we have chosen and listed the best retractable ones here.

Our Top Pick

The Fida Retractable Dog Leash tops our list here as one of the best retractable dog leashes.

Fida Retractable Leash
This Fida Leash is 16 feet long and made of strong nylon tape. It is made of impact-resistant ABS material with a rust-proof swivel hook and a durable coil spring for convenient and easy retraction. With 8 colors and 4 sizes to choose from, this heavy-duty retractable dog leash is worthy to be on top of our list!

Runner Up

Next among our best choices is this TUG 360° Tangle-Free, Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash.

TUG 360° Tangle-Free, Heavy Duty Leash
This tape leash runs up to 16 feet in length with an easy-adjust retractable feature. Using your thumb, you can easily allow it to roll on and off. This long retractable dog leash comes in six different colors and 4 sizes ranging from Tiny to Large. This one is surely a worthy buy!

Also Great

FLEXI Design Retractable Dog Leash
If you are looking for a flexible leash that extends longer, this leash by FLEXI Design is a long leash extending up to 26 feet. It has an intuitive handling feature with a brake button and a convenient grip handle. This extra long retractable dog leash definitely is one of the best leashes that every dog owner must have.

Also Great

MigooPet Retractable Dog Leash
This heavy-duty MigooPet Retractable Leash is light-weight and durable. It allows our furry pets freedom to move around but still within your control. It comes in 5 colors and 2 sizes. This one is a sure buy with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from its manufacturer.

Also Great

Pros And Cons Of Using A Retractable Leash

Are retractable leashes better than other leashes? Are retractable leashes bad for dogs?

Dog owners are often faced with the dilemma of whether or not to include among their pet supplies a retractable leash for their pooch. Some pet experts have pushed forward some benefits of retractable leashes. However, it has its own share of downsides too.

Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

You will find here the notable pros and cons of using dog retractable leashes.

Get your dog retractable leashes

Advantages Of Using A Retractable Leash

As time progressed, changing needs have further improved the traditional static leash.


The promise of convenience provides both the owner and the dog with more flexibility in their exercise or walks. With automatic tension on the line, it is just easier to manage.


You can have more control over the distance you provide your dog during walks and even quickly adjust it depending on the situation. You can opt to shorten the cord while you stroll through crowded areas or lengthen it when your walks lead you to more open spaces.

Some pet product brands also come up with leashes with easy closure type made of great materials to keep your pet’s head comfortable and safe.


Get your dog this type of leash if you want them to enjoy more freedom of movement.

With the extendible features of these products, your pet has more chances of exploring his environment as the cord can reach a much greater distance. This will help boost his self-confidence and improve his overall well-being.


Having more room to roam freely means he can exercise better and burn a lot of extra energy. It will help your furry companion spend much of his time productively. Thus, he can be calmer after the walk and exhibit fewer behavioral problems.


Dogs naturally like to run fast or even in a zig-zag motion as they wander around but some owners prefer a leisurely walk. You and your pup can easily walk together at your own respective paces without tugging each other with this leash.

Training Advantages

It can be used to teach tricks at farther distances like the recall (“come” or “back”) command. Tension from the leash also helps the dog learn and pay attention to resistance.

There are advantages when you get your dog retractable leashes

Disadvantages Of Using A Retractable Leash

Despite these, as they say, if it is too good to be true then it probably is not. lists here some of the disadvantages our pet experts discovered that you should be wary of.

Safety Hazard

This is the primary drawback of this type of leash due to the danger and risks it poses to dogs and people. A malfunctioning leash or inattentive walker would easily let dogs run toward other animals, crowded places, traffic, or other similar predicaments.

The energy released from a snapping leash can backfire and hurt the receivers on both ends, especially the holder.


Because of greater pressure, your dog can suffer from severe neck and trachea injuries when he abruptly hits the end of the line. The friction generated by the quick-retracting cord can cut or burn your skin when you accidentally touch it.

Unnoticeable tangles or a thin cord can also cause lacerations when others hit it or you suddenly retract the line.

Bulky Housing

The big plastic housing is more difficult to secure around the wrist. The holder can easily lose his grip and drop it which can then cause the dog to frantically run away with it.

Grabbing onto it afterward may be dangerous because the leash may retract during the chase.

Training Concerns

This kind of leash is counter-productive if you are training your pup not to pull. It may be confusing to the dog because of the inconsistency of the leash’s length and hold that changes within seconds.

It is especially not ideal for puppies or dogs with no good walking manners.

Constant Supervision

As your dog can wander around at a far greater distance ahead of you, you need to attentively watch over him and make sure that he does not go somewhere he is not supposed to be or get stuck in trouble.


If it is your first time using the retractable leash, you and your dog need to get accustomed to it. As the user, you should learn how to properly operate it.

Your dog must also know the basic commands for him to understand when you instruct him to come as you reel the leash in.

Getting any leash type as long as it is retractable may help your dog

How To Properly Use A Retractable Leash

Looking to add this product among your pet supplies?

Here are some guidelines on how to use a retractable leash properly.

  1. Always check the condition of the leash. Damaged dog leashes are recipes for disaster. If it starts fraying, fails to rewind properly, or the brake does not function, replace it immediately. Do not retract a wet cord until it completely dries up to prevent moisture from taking its course.
  2. Make sure it is appropriate for your dog’s size, weight, and strength. If the leash is not right for your dog’s size or is of cheap quality, it will not be strong enough to hold him in place and thus be ineffective in keeping both of you safe.
  3. Be vigilant at all times. Pay attention to your pooch and your surroundings. Do not get complacent or otherwise distracted. Stay on lead as your pup can easily wander away far from your reach at any time.
  4. Train your dog the basics first. Your pet should know the basic commands already like “come”, “sit”, and “stay“ before using a retractable leash. This mitigates issues related to lunging at people, chasing after animals, or running to the street.
  5. Wear clothes that can provide enough coverage on your legs. As much as possible, do not wear clothes that expose your legs when using a retractable leash. This is more of a prevention from injuries in case the leash hits your skin or when your furry friend suddenly lunges.
  6. Keep it away from children. Do not let children use the retractable leash. They may not be as aware and cautious as you are. They may not understand how it works and can be very problematic with the leash length and your pup at the end.

We would like to emphasize that in order for you and your dog to effectively enjoy the convenience and flexibility features offered by retractable leashes during dog training, any user must utilize dog leashes responsibly and with safety in mind.

Carefully choose products coming from brands and stores that are known for excellence. Besides the price consideration, you may want to check customer reviews, product ratings and stars given, the material, pattern, and other details a product is made of, the size and the way it fits you, and other features that could help you decide before purchasing one.

Weighing all the pros and cons is something to consider before you get one. When in doubt, check with veterinarians.

We hope all our tips have cleared your mind and helped you decide whether including this kind of leash among your pet supplies would work. Best of luck!