Is Your Dog Eating Grass?

Have you ever noticed that your dog is eating grass? Maybe you have, and that might have brought you concern, if not outright scare you.

Learn here the reasons for this behavior and how you can prevent it.

Why does my Dog eat grass?

So, why is my dog eating grass?

There may be several reasons why your dog is eating grass.

One of these is, just as people want to eat a variety of food regularly, dogs also want to add some variations to their diet. It is very common that we feed our dogs their usual dog food daily. When supplied with the same food every day, our furry pets get bored with the taste and look for something of a different flavor.

Usually, our dogs also eat a lot of protein in their food. There may be times when they find the need to ingest something more fibrous to aid digestion. Eating grass may be their way of fulfilling this need.

Some dogs also tend to eat grass when they have an upset stomach. A dog eating grass frantically may be an indication that your pet is trying to induce vomiting. It is their means of getting rid of whatever it is that causes them stomach aches.

For some dogs without nothing to do, they eat grass merely because they are bored. As with other people, some dogs quickly get bored and resort to eating grass to ease their boredom.

Should I Stop My Dog From Doing This?

Eating grass seems to be entertaining for dogs. Maybe they like the texture or even the taste. Regardless of the reasons why your dog eats grass, there are some reasons why we should curtail this behavior.

For one, some grass may have pesticides or herbicides. Even if the grass itself were not that harmful to our dogs, the chemicals in the grass could be detrimental to our furry friends.

Secondly, grasses are generally dirty and may contain hookworms or roundworms which your dog may ingest. It would cause your dog to be infested, and you would be bothered with the need to de-worm your dog.

Additionally, who knows what other objects might be imbued in the grass which could choke your dog. Or there may be something that could poison your furry pet.

These are just fundamental reasons why you should stop your dog from eating grass.

How To Stop This?

Here are some tips on how to stop a dog from eating grass:

A variety of dog food may help. Give your dogs different foods once in a while. Let them taste some dog flavors. You may also mix wet and dry dog food to tease their palates. These varied flavors may keep them interested in their own dog food and away from the taste of grass.

Alternatively, training your dog not to eat grass will also be beneficial. Give him treats as a reward for not eating grass. Positive reinforcement training will greatly help in keeping your dog off the grass.

Exercise and play will keep your dog entertained, and he will spend his time more on productive activities. At the time his exercise and playtime is over, he will be too tired to run off and eat some grass.

Visit your veterinarian when your dog is eating grass frantically. Your vet is sure to know how to help your furry friend curb such a manner.

Also, when your furry pet’s dog eating grass behavior is hard to curb, it is better to consult your vet on the ways to stop this behavior.