How to Find the Right Dog Breed For Me

Thinking of getting a puppy? If yes, then you might have wondered, “What dog is right for me?” Before jumping in that decision, find out first if the dog breed is right for you. And so, here are some basic ideas on how to find the right dog breed.

How do I Find the Right Dog Breed for me?

Finding the right dog breed might be quite a task. There are some things to consider on choosing a compatible dog breed.

Here are some of the things to consider in finding the right dog breed.


To find the right dog breed, you should consider your home size. If you live in a studio apartment, it would not be advisable to bring home a large dog. He would take up so much space and both of you might feel too crowded.


Choose a pet that fits your lifestyle. To illustrate, it is not good for you to choose an active dog when you live in an apartment complex. And most especially when you do not want to go up and down the stairs.

Due to the limited space, your dog would not have much to roam around. You would need to bring him outside to spend his energy. This would not be the right dog for you if you are not up to bring him out.


Additionally, take into consideration your finances. Make sure that you are prepared to spend on vet bills for the regular vaccination schedule and check-ups. Not to mention other expenses for medication and even hospitalization if they get sick.

Also, if you choose a dog breed that requires constant grooming, be prepared to pay for the frequent trips to the doggy parlor.


Check if there are dog breeders around you. Inquire if they have the breed you are interested in. Most dog breeders would usually insist on meeting you. They have to check that their puppies would be in good hands.


Do a personality check on yourself and the dog breed you choose. Make sure that the breed you choose is into the activities you love doing.

If you are into outdoor activities, you may want to consider labradors and cocker spaniels.

If you want to lay back and just stay in the house, you may want to choose a Coton du Tuléar. It is a breed of small dog which is energetic but not demanding.

If you have children, the good choices would be collies and sheepdogs.

Make your Decision

Yes, being a fur parent is exciting and rewarding. But it requires preparation and a long-time commitment too.

And now that you have considered these factors, you can now make an intelligent decision on how to find the right dog breed for you.