How to Find the Right Dog Breed For Me

Thinking of getting a puppy? If yes, then you might have wondered, “What dog is right for me?”

Before jumping into that decision, find out first if the dog breed is right for you. And so, here are some basic ideas on how to find the right dog breed.

Finding a new dog can be an exciting yet challenging task. In this blog post, let’s explore the steps that could help you in finding the right dog breed.

Choosing a new dog can be a challenge

How do I Find the Right Dog Breed for me?

Finding a new dog that would fit your personality might be quite a task. There are some things to consider on choosing a compatible dog breed.

Here are some of the things to consider in finding the best dog.


In finding a new dog, you should consider your home size. Your living environment plays a crucial role in choosing the right dog breed.

Some breeds thrive in smaller spaces, while others require ample room to roam and play. Make sure to find a breed that feels comfortable in your living arrangement.

It is not good for you to choose an active dog when you live in an apartment complex.


Dog breeds come in various sizes. There are small dogs, medium-sized dogs, large dogs, and giant breeds.

If you live in a studio apartment, bringing home a large dog would not be advisable. He would take up plenty of space, and you might feel too crowded.

Due to the limited space, your dog would not have much to roam around. You would need to bring him outside to spend his energy. This would not be a great dog for you if you are not up to bringing him out.

Choose a life-long companion with the best dog


It is also important to understand your own lifestyle. Choose a pet that fits your lifestyle.

If you are an active and adventurous person who loves the outdoors, the perfect dog breed would be one that would fit your lifestyle too. Choose a dog breed that would not easily tire when you go hiking, camping, or jogging.

If you are into outdoor activities, you may want to consider a Labrador or Cocker Spaniel.

If you love to stay cozy on the couch most of the time, then a dog with low energy would be your best choice. These dogs are contented with just running or walking up and down the hallway to spend their energy.

If you want to lay back and just stay in the house, you may want to choose a Coton du Tuléar. It is a breed of small dog which is energetic but not demanding.

If you love water sports, there are several dog breeds that would not shy away from what you would like to do. Some dog breeds would not have second thoughts about lunging at the pool or taking a dip at the sea.

If you have children that would be involved in rearing and training your dog, the good choices would be collies and sheepdogs. These are the types of dog breeds that love attention from many people.

Assess what your daily routine is, your work schedule, and the activities you regularly engage in. Consider these factors in finding the best dog to bring home.

Getting a dog with the same personality as you would be a smart match

Allergies and Shedding

Some dog breeds tend to shed more than other breeds.

If you or any member of your family have allergies, it’s essential to consider hypoallergenic dog breeds or those with minimal shedding.

Keep in mind that no breed is entirely hypoallergenic, but some produce fewer allergens or have hair instead of fur, making them more suitable for allergy sufferers.


Additionally, take into consideration your finances. Make sure that you are prepared to spend on vet bills for the regular vaccination schedule and check-ups. Not to mention other expenses for medication and even hospitalization if they get sick.

Also, if you choose a dog breed that requires constant grooming, be prepared to pay for the frequent trips to the doggy parlor.

If you do not have time to bring your dog to the dog parlor or the ability to groom them yourself, choose the kind of dog that has low grooming needs.


Check if there are dog breeders around you. Inquire if they have the breed you are interested in. They would also be able to help you identify which dog breed is best for you.

Most dog breeders would usually insist on meeting you. They have to check that their puppies would be in good hands. They need to ensure that you would be the dog parent that the puppies needed.

Temperament and Personality

Do a personality check on yourself and the dog breed you choose. Make sure that the breed you choose fits your personality.

Do you have other pets or plan on getting more than one over the years? The ideal furry companion, then, would be a dog that can get along with other pets.

Match your characteristics and personality with the temperament of the dog breed. Both you and your new dog would benefit and create a good bond if you both meet the same personalities.

Every dog breed has its own temperament and personality traits. Some dog breeds are a lot more affectionate and giving, while others are more independent and reserved and prone to set boundaries.

Learn the temperament of the different breeds to find one that aligns with your personality and the type of relationship you want with your new furry friend.

Exercise and Training Needs

Just like humans, every dog has exercise needs to stay fit, happy, and in top health. Some need a lot, while others need just a few minutes daily.

In choosing a new dog, consider how much of your time you can allot to take your dog for a walk, get the exercise he needs, or engage him in dog sports.

In line with this, consider also your age. A new dog would be a companion for many years to come. And all throughout those years, your pet would need a way to shed its energy. If you foresee that you cannot give it as much exercises in later years, it is best to choose one that does not need too much physical activity unless you would be able to get help along the way.

A new dog breed needs training too. It is essential for their health and well-being. Again, depending on the breed’s need, you should be prepared to give it the essential training as they grow.

Getting many dogs in your life requires you to keep them all happy and healthy

Make your Decision

Yes, being a fur parent is exciting and rewarding. But it requires preparation and a long-time commitment too.

Finding the right dog breed is a thrilling adventure. However, it requires careful consideration of various factors. By reflecting on your lifestyle, evaluating your living space, and taking into account factors like allergies, exercise needs, and temperament, you can narrow down your options and find the perfect furry companion. You can now make an intelligent decision on how to find the right dog breed for you.

Remember, finding the right dog breed is about creating a lifelong bond filled with love, joy, and shared adventures. Happy doggie hunting!