Best Dogs For Kids

Dogs are a fun, active, adorable source of love to bring into your family. Dogs can be especially great for your family if you have children. So, we have listed here the best dogs for you and your kids.

Before you decide to bring a furry friend into your home with children, you should decide on the type of dog that will be the best fit. Be sure to be patient in the process so that you end up with a loving dog that is safe and happy with everyone in your home.

Benefits of Having a Dog as Pets for your Kids

Having a dog in your home is a great way to bring an unconditional source of love. When you choose the right pup for your family, your puppies and kids will experience a loyal friendship that can only take place with a four-legged friend.

Another benefit of owning a dog while having kids is it helps teach your child responsibility. Owning a dog takes a lot of work. Your child can be an active participant in making sure your new pet is fed, bathed, and walked. Even children at very young ages can start to take on some of these responsibilities.

Learning cooperation is another benefit of having a dog around your home with your children. Along with the responsibilities of taking care of the dog, your child will also learn how to work with others to make sure the job gets done. This may be especially helpful if you have several children, and they must learn to work together to care for your furry family member.

Things to Consider before bringing Dogs for your Kids

Movies and shows often depict an adorable puppy coming home with a young family without any preparation. Although this may work out well, it is a wise idea to research and prepare before bringing in dogs in your home and for your kids.

First, consider the lifestyle and routines of your family. If you have young children, you may want to consider a gentle, patient dog. If you have older children, it may be a better fit to have a dog that is more rambunctious and will enjoy active play. Considering the size of the dog in comparison to your family and space is also important.

Next, be sure to prepare your children for how to interact with dogs. This is another lesson that your children will learn that will benefit their interactions with all dogs they encounter.

Finally, be sure to do your research on the best breed for your home. Taking into consideration lifestyle, age, and space, some dog breeds do not have great reputations for being with young children. Most pet stores, breeders, and animal shelters will also allow space for you to observe a possible pet’s interactions with your little ones.

In your research, the three items to consider are size, temperament, and energy level. Be honest about the best fit for your family in each of these areas for consideration before selecting your newest family member.

Best Dogs for your Kids

After you consider other important factors, like those discussed above, you are ready to choose a specific breed. Many breeds are already known for their gentleness and positive interactions with children. Here are some suggested breeds you may want to further consider:


This smaller breed has a good deal of energy and loves being outside. Beagles do well around children and people but do tend to bark and howl. If you have a baby on the way or an infant, this may be problematic for sleeping.


Just like Lassie in the famous television show, collies are loyal and gentle to their owners. Collies are easily trainable and want to make their person happy. These dogs are natural herders, so watch out for your collie trying to herd your children.


These large breed dogs are incredibly intelligent and are very protective of children. This is a great breed for your family if you have a larger space with plenty of room. These gentle pups also drool and shed, so it may be a better fit for you if you have older children who can share in grooming responsibilities.


This lesser-known breed needs a ton of exercise each day. If you have children who can help keep this dog active, vizslas may make a great pet for your family.

Golden Retriever

This smart and loyal breed may be the perfect fit for your family if you have children of all ages. These dogs are very patient and often tolerate the active energy of toddlers. They also love to play and retrieve things and would do well with older children.

Labrador Retrievers

Commonly known as Labs, this popular breed is both energetic and reliable. Labs do need a lot of exercise, so they may be a good fit for older children or if your home has a large backyard.

Mixed Breeds

Bringing a mixed breed dog into your home can be a wonderful option for several reasons. They are typically a lot cheaper to adopt and bring home. Mixed breed dogs may also have a calmer temperament than a full breed of their kind.

Another benefit is that you are typically able to spend some time interacting with the dog at the shelter. Many dogs in shelters also come with a history of how they do around young children.

Our Family found a Dog, Now What?

After you have selected a dog based on size, temperament, energy level, and connection, you want to prepare your home and family for the newest addition.

Just as you would baby-proof your home with your toddler, you want to dog-proof your home for the initial entry. This is a great way to have your children begin to practice responsibility.

Having dogs in your home would be a great time for your kids to more responsible. All small toys and toy parts should be put neatly away, so your new pet does not mistake them as toys.

Be sure you have proper care items such as water and food bowls, a collar, leash, and other necessities on our checklist here.

With young children around, you may also want to consider purchasing a crate and a bed that your pup can go to for some quiet time.

Lastly, be sure to teach your children how to approach and interact with a dog. Be sure your children know how to gently pet a dog. Show your children how and which part of a dog’s body is the best place to touch, away from their face and tail.

Discuss with your children signs that maybe your pup is tired and needs some alone time so they will know when to let your furry pet rest.


Adding a new four-legged family member can be such a fun time for your family. With some research and preparation, everyone in the family can enjoy their newest companion.

Be sure to consider what type of dog is the best fit for your family and home. Once you bring your new pet home, enjoy all the love and warmth they provide!