Puppy Heat Pad: What It Is And The List Of The Best

Brrrrr. It is that time of the year again when the cold winter breeze slowly creeps in to fill the air around us. Just like us, your puppies need something to warm them up with. And that’s exactly what a puppy heat pad is for!

During cold weather, we feel the urge to cover ourselves up with a thick sweater and curl up on a heated bed with a warm blanket cover to stay warm.

When it is freezing cold outside, our puppies are also affected by such torturous chill. This primarily concerns our vulnerable newborn puppies who need extra warmth to stay healthy, more so those breeds without a double coat. We cannot always be on the lookout to cover them with a quilt.

As your newborn puppies deserve only the best, this is where heat pads or heating pads come to the rescue.

What is a Puppy Heat Pad?

Similar to humans, canines also experience hypothermia. When exposed to a dangerously cold environment, they would no longer maintain their normal body temperature.

The low body temperature can result in shivering, weakness, trouble breathing, a faint heartbeat, and many more, depending on the severity.

For newborn puppies, this condition may have drastic effects. It might lead to severe sickness or even death. This is why they sometimes need a heating pad.

heating mat

Dog heat pads or dog heating pads are pet mats or beds specifically designed to keep the temperature optimal for dogs or other pets.

A heating mat is beneficial during their most vulnerable states: newborn puppies, young puppies, pregnant or nursing bitches, dogs recuperating after a surgery, and senior dogs with painful joints, hips, or arthritis.

Primarily, a dog heating mat can keep your dog warm during chilly nights outside or during winter.

What is the Best Puppy Heat Pad?

Not every heating pad for dogs on the market can deliver on their promises to fulfill your puppy’s needs. Hence, you have to check out only those best heating pads which are highly ranked and already tested and proven by other patrons.

Here are the best heat pads that are immensely raved about by thousands of dog owners, veterinarians, and pet trainers worldwide.

Our Top Pick

RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad, Electric Heating Pad for Dogs and Cats Indoor Warming Mat with Auto Power Off (Large:22' x 18')

On top of our list is this RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad as one of the best electric pet heating pads. It provides a warm place for your pet to sit or sleep when the outdoor is chilly.

Having safety in mind, it is equipped with an auto power-off function from an hour up to 12 hours. It has a seven (7) layer safety protection structure, a chew-resistant cord, and a built-in temperature sensor to prevent an overly heated puppy or dog. This pad is perfect for dog houses, warehouses, or even in the living room.

This has a soft removable polyester cover which is easy to clean either by hand or machine wash. This heating mat is available in one color (blue) and four sizes, from small to extra large. It definitely is the best heating pad as reviewed by many.

Runner Up

MARUNDA Pet Heating Pad,Cat Dog Electric Pet Heating Pad Indoor Waterproof, Constant Temperature, Chew Resistant Steel Cord

Create a safe and warm space for your pets with this amazing MARUNDA Pet Heating Pad. Constructed with low power and intelligent temperature control through its built-in dual-core thermostat, this mat automatically generates optimal comfortable temperatures for dogs and cats.

Thoughtfully well-engineered with three-layer protection, this product is scratch-proof, fireproof, and waterproof. Made with a stainless steel wrapped in fire retardant cotton, it totally ensures the safety of your pet.

This animal heating pad uses waterproof PVC material and has a removable washable cover which is so easy to sanitize. Sold in two size options (12 x 15 inches and 15 x 24 inches), it features two colors (blue or coffee) to accommodate your preferences.

Also Great

Furhaven Pet Bed for Dogs and Cats - ThermaNAP Quilted Velvet Self-Warming Thermal Blanket Mat for Crates or Kennels, Washable, Moss, Small

This self-warming heating pad from Furhaven Pet is constructed in a pet-friendly design. It features an electricity-free solution to keep your pet (including cats) comfortable on chilly days. There is completely no fear of the temperature getting higher than what you want.

Nestled inside, against the insulating polyester batting, is a layer of self-warming thermal insert that reflects natural body heat to create a warmer sleep surface for cozy snuggles. It features a plush faux fur that is luxuriously soft, with the quilted seams adding a bit of cushioned padding gentle on noses and paws for enhanced cuddling comfort. Lightweight and highly portable, this makes a perfect outdoor heated mat for your dogs and works like a heating pad for car use too. It is an ideal bedding companion for your dogs (or your cat) when resting outdoor or engaging in other outdoor activities. Your pets stay warm, whenever and wherever.

Furhaven made sure that this thermal mat is completely machine washable for easy care and convenience.

Also Great

Pet Heating Pad by Snuggle Safe, Pet Microwaveable Heat Pad, Safe Pet Bed Warmer

The Pet Heating Pad by Snuggle Safe will give safe, instant, and long-lasting wireless warmth wherever it is needed. It is toxic-free, without electrical wires, and is bite-resistant.

Ideal for newborn puppies, convalescing and elderly pets, it is lightweight and easy to use, Its compact design makes this heated bed pad a perfect travel companion. This small heating pad only takes six minutes to warm up in an 800-watt microwave. It contains a gel called Thermapol which is non-toxic and able to sustain warmth which can last up to 10 hours when placed inside the cover or under your pet’s blanket.

This plate-size pet heat pad comes in one size (8 inches and 210 millimeters in diameter), which easily fits under your pet’s bed to radiate safe and soothing warmth. The package already contains a washable fleece cover which may vary in color.

Also Great

K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Crate Pad Gray Small 20 X 25 Inches

This Self-Warming Pet Crate Pad by K&H Pet Products Store is a cordless heating pad with a microfleece cover best for crate use. This heat mat is one of the best and top-rated as it features a non-slip bottom and fleece cover for ultimate comfort.

Even though the temperature cannot be adjusted as this product is self-warming, the material this heated dog pad is made of traps your newborn puppies’ and dogs’ natural body temperature and radiate it back at them. It assures that newborn puppies and dogs do not get too warmed up in their crates.

This heated pet mat comes in several sizes to keep your dogs warm and safe in their crates with no assembly required. It is machine washable too!

Are Heating Pads Safe for Puppies?

All dog owners, even those who live in warmer areas, should consider a dog heating pad for their puppies. A heated pet bed or an indoor dog house (even a heated dog house) can still be suitable to provide warmth for your pup. But there might be days when dog beds would not just be enough and your pets would prefer not to stay inside their dog homes.

For newborn puppies, smaller breeds, and pups with short coats, using a heating pad ensure they maintain their body temperature. It keeps them safe from colds and chills.

Experienced breeders recommend placing newborn puppies in a warm, dry area to keep them warm without generating their own body heat.

Other Benefits of Heating Pads

A dog heating pad also improves blood circulation, relieves stiff muscle aches, and reduces muscle soreness in canines. In physical therapy, they are utilized for those with arthritis, joint problems, and injuries.

Every dog should have a cozy and comfortable place to sleep, relax, and unwind for the day. The heat pad can encourage your dog to snooze, perfect for those who struggle to settle down during quiet time.

Canine experts suggest the use of a heating pad as a cheap and effective solution for these and many other related health problems.

pet heating pad

Types of Heat Pads

Heating pads can all generate heat but there are different features to it. These are the three types according to their heat source.

Electric Heating Pad

The electric heat pad has a cord that has to be plugged into an outlet, using electricity to power up the needed heat. It can deliver warmth through heating elements inside, set to the specific temperature you need with a control key panel.

It is the most common type that might remind you of an electric blanket you may own, and it does have a lot of the same properties.

Self-warming Heating Pad

It uses specific insulation and thermal-reflective materials so that the pad will retain your pet’s own body temperature and radiate the warmth back to them. It may not be effectively toasty warm, but it works to keep the temperature at optimal levels at all times.

With moderate temperature from body heat, it creates the perfect environment heated by your dog himself. Thus, it is the safest option out there, and some can even be machine-washed.

Microwaveable Heating Pad

This type is filled with a special gel that stays warm for hours after a few minutes in a microwave. It is an option that we do not see as often due to their small size limitation.

They are warmer than self-heating pads but cannot provide the lasting temperature that an electric pad can. The temperature is quite hard to control as well and may not be exactly what your dogs need.

Qualities to Look For in a Good Dog Heating Pad

Heating pads come in a variety of styles and specifications. You need to choose a heating pad with features that match your pup’s individual requirements.

For your purchase to be worth every single penny, here are the important factors to consider in choosing the best.

Heating Method

Choosing between an electric, self-warming, and microwavable heating pad depends on what works best for you and your puppies.

Electric ones are versatile as they have a higher range of temperatures that can be set up manually so you can use them on high or low settings in different seasons. However, they are usually the priciest and need to be near a power socket to work.

Self-warming heating pads are a good choice if you want your pet to be cozy without having to worry about cables and electric bills.

The same is true for microwavable heating pads. However, this type usually comes in a small size to fit a microwave oven.

Temperature key controls and timer key settings

With electric dog heating pads, you are usually able to control the temperature and operating time with key control panels. There is often an LED control panel that displays the current setting and lets you switch to another.

There should always be a limit on how warm a heating pad can get or how long it stays on so it does not scald your dog or cause him to overheat.

Many of these come with timers and automatic power-off settings so you can leave for a while without worrying.


Choose heating pad products that do not only provide comfort but safety as well. It is imperative to prioritize this in order to prevent accidents.

Make sure the heating pad is made of materials that are PVC fireproof, waterproof, shock-proof, dustproof, durable, chew-proof, and breathable.

Common safety features include stainless steel wrapped in fire-retardant material, chew-resistant casing for cables, automatic shutoff, flame-retardant covers, and heat-regulating function to prevent your pet from overheating.

If the heat pad comes with certification and has been safety tested to meet or exceed regulations from multiple countries, it is an option that should be considered first.


The dimensions of your pet heating pad are also one of the features to consider. The size of the heating pad depends on the size of your dog.

Make sure it is large enough to accommodate your pup to spread out without any part of him touching the floor as he might curl up when cold or eventually spread out when he is already comfortable. You may need to buy a heating pad 4 or 5 inches larger than your dog to ensure that he has space to stretch on his mat. Sometimes, it is even good to get a large heating pad for your medium-sized dog.

Some manufactures do not have larger sizes so you need to check before you purchase.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

There can be quite a few differences in the features of indoor heated pads versus outdoor heated pads. If you prefer an outdoor dog heated pad, make sure that it is weatherproof. Also, your heated outdoor mats should be made from appropriate materials to withstand harsh weather or environmental elements.

If you would take it traveling with you or move it around the house, your outdoor heating pad should be portable, easy to set up, and without a bunch of extra cables and cords.

Ease of Cleaning

Dog heating pads may either be washed by hand or machine washable. Select a heating pad that is easy to clean. An electric heating pad has a removable cover, like a fleece cover, that you can just whip off the pads and throw into the laundry.

heated dog bed mat

Tips and Special Concerns when Using a Pet Heating Pad

Do not use a human heating pad on your pets.

It is not advisable to use a regular human heat pad for your dog as these are not designed specifically for dogs with appropriate safety features. Some human heat pads are not chew-resistant so keep them away from your furry friend.

Dog paws and skin are extra sensitive. The temperature of a regular pet heating pad made for humans may be far too hot for your furry friend, especially the smaller breeds.

Heating pads for dogs are also designed to be used on the floor or even outdoors, so they are more durable than a regular pad.

The heating pad should be used on top of your dog’s existing bedding and not the other way around.

A plush bed with high sides will help retain the warmth and you could also place a self-warming mat above it for extra warming powers.

Keep it low.

Be careful if your pet has mobility concerns or when you have older dogs. Dogs that cannot move easily are susceptible to burns or overheating.

Keep your puppies safe by limiting your options to products with low wattage. This saves on your bills and at the same time, there is less risk of any accidents happening due to an extremely high temperature.


The key to proper use of any device is to read first. Carefully read and follow the instructions or basic safety precautions that came with the product, especially with an electric heating pad. Do not get over-excited for your dogs to get comfy and just start plugging this device.

Always watch out for risk factors like a slight malfunction during use, overheating or high temperature, or catching fire which may lead to damage, electrical shock, or unfortunately, death.


One obvious reminder is unplugging electric devices whenever you are leaving the house or before going to bed.

It is not recommended to use a heating pad all night long due to fire risk or getting your dog scalded with a high temperature. But you can use one with an auto-shutoff feature or turn it off manually after an hour or two to keep the temperature moderate.

Rest Easy and Cozy

And there you have it! You have now learned that a dog heating pad is a key to keep our pets in comfort. They are such versatile and helpful gadgets that can be used in a variety of locations in different ways.

By prioritizing your puppy’s specific need and taking note of his certain preferences, you will definitely be able to settle with the right choice for him which then benefits you too.

We hope that through our buyer’s guide for puppy heating pads, your unconditional love, plus the ideal product, you can surely give that perfect warmth that is ever so comforting to your puppies.

With these bed warmers, both of you can now rest easy and cozy either indoors or outdoors all year round.