Indoor Dog House

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Dog houses are excellent places for your pup to retreat and rest. Using an indoor dog house gives your furry friends their own homes inside your home

Functions of Indoor Dog Houses 

Many indoor dog houses on the market are very versatile and will not disrupt your home decor. You can likely even find an indoor home for your pup that matches your already established vibes.  

One function of indoor dog houses is to provide a safe and cozy place for your pup to sleep. This can help you rest better without your dog in the bed with you. Unlike a dog bed, an indoor home will provide an extra feeling of security as your pup dozes off to sleep. 

Another great reason to purchase an indoor dog house is to assist with house training for your pup. Many indoor dog houses are similar to dog crates that can help your dog learn how to respect furniture and spaces of the homes that are not used for playing.  

The indoor dog homes’ final function is that they give your dog privacy and are easy to transport. If you frequently travel with your pup, an indoor dog home may provide them with a sense of privacy in a different space that can help them feel more relaxed.  

Best Indoor Dog Houses 

Many indoor dog houses on the market can be purchased at local pet stores such as PetsMart and Petco and online retailers such as and Once you decide to buy an indoor dog house, you can select one based on appearance, size, and price.  

Dog house with style

Consider these options if you are looking for indoor dog houses that look stylish in your home setting.  

Best Pet Supplies Portable Indoor Pet House – Perfect for Cats & Small Dogs, Easy To Assemble – Brown

The Portable Indoor Pet House provides your pup and small dogs with security and comfort in this cozy home and with a pillow for snuggling. It is easy to assemble with a quick and easy zip. This pet house is easy to clean as it is machine washable and worth every penny for around $25 on Amazon. 

Petsfit Indoor Dog House Ventilate Wood Cat Houses for Indoor Cats with Elevated Floor&Anti-Slip Bottom

The Petsfit Indoor Wooden Dog House runs for $120 on Amazon and would be a beautiful addition to the décor of your home. This indoor dog house includes a wire door that can be closed if needed to help secure your pup. This indoor house will be a great choice if your furry one is under 30 pounds.  

Casual Home Wooden Medium Pet Crate, End Table, Espresso

Casual Homes Chappy Wooden Pet Crate will look just like an end table in your house. This beautiful wooden design is best if your pup is under 25 pounds. This house is equipped with a lockable door the provides ultimate security inside the home for your pup. This dog house is $95 on Amazon.  

Comfortable dog houses

If you are looking for an indoor dog home that provides the ultimate comfort for your pet, consider the following options. These options do not contain a lockable dog door as a feature for your dog.  

Pet Tent-Soft Bed for Dog and Cat by Best Pet Supplies - Beige Corduroy, 16' x 16' x H:14'

Shaped like a small tent, the Pet Tent Soft Bed comes in a variety of plush colors for you to choose from. The inside of this home is lined with poly-foam making it a soft and comfortable place for your dog to relax. You can purchase this bed on Amazon, starting at around $25 in various sizes to best suit your pet. 

Ushang Pet Luxury Indoor Dog House for Large Dog, Red Brick Warm Dog Indoor House Dog Beds with Soft Pillow, Size XL 27.5 x 26.5 x 26 inche

The Ushang Pet Indoor Extra Large Dog House makes a charming soft indoor house that looks just like a small brick building. This easily collapsible design is great for travel while still giving your furry friend a memory foam comfort inside. This house comes in a variety of sizes that can accommodate larger dogs. The prices start at $36 on Amazon for the smallest model.  

Portable dog houses

If you are planning to travel frequently with your dog’s house, you may want to consider options designed for their portability. These can also be taken to outdoor events and are easy to maintain.  

PAWISE Foldable Soft Dog Crate Pet Kennel Houses, Portable Crates for Medium Dogs, Lightweight Travel Crate Kennel Indoor & Outdoor, 31'x22'x24',Large

Pawise sells a soft foldable house that your dog can enjoy both inside and outside. This portable indoor dog house has soft mesh sides that allow air to flow freely to your pet while they are inside. Purchase this product includes both a fleece bed and a carrying bag. carries this dog house for $55 for the largest size.  

Other Options

Playpens are a great indoor dog housing option as well that provide your pup with a room to play and rest. These indoor pet homes do not require any assembly. Thus, they are great houses to take with you when you travel or attend outdoor events.

Some well-rated playpen options include the Zampa that runs at $49.99 on Amazon.  Parkland has a design starting at $22.99 that includes a removable mesh cover.  

Providing your dog with an indoor dog house will give them a sense of security and belonging. It also aids in your training process. You can select a dog house that is soft and comfortable, portable, aesthetically pleasing, or economical.

Whatever you choose, be sure to introduce the new house to your put and monitor them. They must get accustomed to their new resting place. But, do not rush them when at first they don’t want to go inside their own house. Familiarizing with their own home might take some time.