Is An Indoor Dog House A Worthy Investment?

Dog houses are excellent places for your pup to retreat and rest. Using an indoor dog house gives your furry friends their own homes inside your home. 

An indoor dog house can provide your dog with a comfortable and safe space that is entirely his own. It can also be a convenient and practical solution for dog owners who want their dogs close by but not on their beds.

Simple dog house

Benefits of Providing an Indoor Dog House for your Pet

Providing your dog with an indoor house has its benefits that promote the well-being of your pup.


One function of indoor dog houses is to provide a safe and cozy place for your pup to sleep. This can help you rest better without your dog in the bed with you.

An indoor dog house provides your dog with the comfort they deserve for resting and sleeping. Having their own houses can make your dogs feel relaxed.

When your pup is nervous, the indoor dog house will provide your pup a place of security where he can retreat and help reduce his anxiety and stress levels. In turn, your pup is less likely to develop negative and destructive behaviors such as chewing, excessive barking, and digging.


A dog house is also meant to protect your pup from weather conditions. Extreme cold can cause young pups to suffer from hypoglycemia. An indoor dog house is another level of insulation that can regulate body temperature and can save them from the probability of suffering from the said concerning condition.

On warmer days, it can provide protection from heat. At the same time, the dog’s house can also inhibit dust and noise from getting into your dog’s personal space.

A dog house protects your dogs from harsh weather conditions

Training Aid

Another great reason to purchase an indoor dog house is to assist with house training for your pup. Many indoor dog houses are similar to dog crates, which can help your dog learn how to respect furniture and spaces of the homes that are not used for playing.  


Dogs have a habit of keeping their resting area clean. Having an indoor dog house promotes good hygiene habits as it encourages your pup to use his designated potty area to keep his own house clean.

Also, with a specific house to rest on, he avoids lying around everywhere and scattering fur and drool all over. Instead, shedding fur and other doggy messes are kept in one area, making it easier to clean after your dog.

Not only do indoor dog houses provide comfort for your furry friend, but they also help keep your home clean by containing messes in one place.


Indoor dog homes give your dog privacy and are easy to transport. If you frequently travel with your pup, an indoor dog home may provide them with a sense of privacy in a different space that can help them feel more relaxed.  

More Style

One other benefit of investing in an indoor dog house is it makes an addition to your home design and decor. Many indoor dog houses on the market are very versatile and will not disrupt your interior design. You can likely even find an indoor home for your pup that matches your already-established house vibes and style.  

These dog houses come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, so you can choose one that matches your home decor and fits your pup’s needs.

Indoor pet house

Choosing an Indoor Dog House

If you have decided to invest in an indoor dog house for your pup, there are a few factors that you should consider to give him the best choice. With so many options online and on the market, how would you know that it would be the best one for your pup?


The first thing to consider is the size of your dog. Dog houses come in different sizes for every dog breed. Choose a size that is more than your dog’s length from foot to tail when he is stretching. It will ensure that he will be more comfortable lying and moving inside his own house.

Choose a design that would suit your dogs


Also, consider the comfort of your dog. Does your dog prefer love lying around in soft spaces? Or does he taken a liking to wooden places? Whatever the case, choose a dog house that your dog would most likely enjoy residing in.

The material of the dog house should also be considered so that it fits your home environment without sacrificing your dog’s needs. Wooden dog houses are durable and more stylish but more costly. Plastic ones are less expensive, easier to clean, and portable but may not last a long time. Some soft indoor dog houses are machine-washable, very portable and lightweight, and elegantly styled but would not withstand your dog’s chewing and would easily tear.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but your dog’s preferences should be the utmost priority here.

Create your own pet house, designed as a perfect fit for your dogs


If you and your dogs are fond of traveling, it is best to choose a pet house that would fit your plans of traveling from time to time.

Additional Features

Some dog houses come with additional features and accessories, such as cushions or built-in food and water bowls.

So, if you have a penchant for buying accessories for your dogs, consider a dog house that comes with what you need.

Training Your Dog to Use an Indoor Dog House

The first step to getting your dog to use his new house is to introduce the dog house to him. Show your dog his house, and allow him to smell it, touch it, or even lick it. 

Then attract your dog to his house by placing his toys or some treats inside. Or command your dog to “get in,” “sit,” or “lay down” and give him a treat when he does so. Allow your dog to explore the insides of the house too. 

You could also bring your dog and place him inside the house. When doing this, stay beside the dog’s house and do not leave. Allow your dog to stay there for some time and give him a treat

If he immediately goes out, stay beside the house and place your dog inside again. Every time he stays for a while, give him the treat to condition his mind that staying inside the house is good behavior. 

Be patient and consistent with introducing your pup to his new house. It takes time for every dog to get used to something new. Just keep encouraging him to use his new house and reward him every time he does so. 

Reward your dogs when they utilize their dog houses properly


There are many options available online and on the market for dog houses in various sizes, designs, and materials. Whatever you choose, be sure to introduce the new house to your put and monitor them. They must get accustomed to their new resting place. But, do not rush them when at first they don’t want to go inside their own house. Familiarizing with their own home might take some time.

Providing your dog with an indoor dog house will give them a sense of security and belongingness and keep them happy and healthy. Indeed, it is a worthy investment for every pet parent.