Soft Indoor Dog House

Providing our furry friends a dog house of their own is one way of showing them we care. They would feel most love when we provide them a soft indoor dog house where they can relax and enjoy rest time.

But with all the available dog house ideas and products out there in the market, choosing the right product perfect for your pup seems a challenging task.

But, we have made things easier for you.

Amazing Dog Houses

We have reviewed the best indoor dog houses on for you to choose from.

Our Top Pick

This portable indoor pet house comes with a soft pillow bed, sides, and roof. So easy to assemble, this small dog house is the best dog house and our favorite. All that is required is a quick zip and your pet is ready to get in. Not only does this provide a warm place for your pets to snuggle and burrow. It also provides security and comfort.

Its great looks and cozy colors easily blend with your home style and decor. Made of high-quality materials and measuring 16 inches by 16 inches, this portable indoor pet house is durable and designed to last. It is made with machine-washable fabric material too.

Runner Up

This pet house is one great item to consider when you are looking to buy your dog a house. It offers security and privacy for your pet within the confines of your home. Made in one size only, this cute house is fit for small breed dogs or your small pets. Its soft walls and cushioned flooring makes for an overall snuggling place for your furry pet.

It comes with the required hook in the loop to attach the roof and chimney to this portable and durable dog house. Lightweight and portable and washable, it is great for the outdoor too!

Also Great

This small plush dog house is great for small dogs and puppies and even your cats and kitties. The large dog house is perfect for medium and large-breed dogs.

With a sponge inner material, it is easy to set up and portable. It comes with an indoor dog house bed (pillow) for your pet to snuggle in.

Also Great

This product is one of the great indoor dog houses measuring 16″L x 16″W x 15″H with an opening of 8.5″L x 7.1″H, perfect for small dogs. This fabric dog house is made of sponge covered with polyester, providing for the warmth your pup would love to snuggle in.

It comes in a unique cabin-designed shape for aesthetics. The overall easy to assemble function makes for easy portability.

Also Great

This small, soft indoor dog house measures 21.6”×15.7”×16.5” and is perfect for small breeds like a Poodle, Pekingese, Bichon Frise, and the likes.

Made of waterproof oxford fabric, it has a removable design and is one of the best portable dog houses that work well for both indoor and outdoor use.

Why Would I Buy My Pet His Own House?

Now that you have this list of the coolest dog houses, it is time to buy your pet one. But, must you? Not necessarily. Should you? Maybe you should.

There are several reasons why you should buy your dog his own house.

For one, you love him and want to lavish him with all the good things that life can offer. Well, why not?

But for some, buying a dog house for their furry friend is important as a dog house is a safe haven for their pet. There will be times in our pet’s life when all they want to do is burrow and relax at a place they can call their own. A dog house definitely serves this purpose.

A dog house is also one of the pet supplies that can aid in training your pups. With the use of a dog house, you can easily train your pet with various commands like, out, bed, sleep, and go. It also aids in potty training too.

Things To Consider When Buying An Indoor Dog House

When choosing a soft indoor dog house for your furry companions, it is important to consider all the factors that would ensure that the product you are buying is perfect for your pet. Here are the most important things to note when choosing your indoor pet house.

Size: Of course, choose a dog house for indoor use fitting for your pups. There’s no sense buying one when it is too small or too large for your pet. Always check the dimensions of the product prior to purchasing it.

Material: Consider the material the dog house is made of. When you have a busy lifestyle and would not have the time to hand wash your pet’s house, choose one made of machine-washable fabric. When you are more of a trendy and stylish pet owner, you may opt for a dog house made of leather or something fancier.

Purpose: Think of why you are buying a house for your dog. If you want to provide your pet with enough privacy and security, then choose one with full sides. Or if you want to provide your dog a place to relax, choosing a cozy one would be a great idea. But, when you plan on bringing your pet’s house with you during travel and holidays, then choose a dog house made of lighter materials and easy to set up for portability.

Pricing: Obviously, you ought to choose one within your budget but would really serve the purpose. High-quality dog houses are priced at no lesser than $25.00 to as high as $250.00.

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