Puppy Playpen (Our Top Picks)

List of the best playpens for puppies

When we are pet parents, we only want the best for our furry pets. That includes buying them a great puppy playpen!

With a puppy playpen, our young pups stay happy and healthy. They get enough exercise and playtime.

Are Puppy Playpens Good For Puppies?

A puppy playpen is good for a puppy. Puppies are nosy and full of energy. They tend to roam around and discover things around them. They like to run wherever they can. And they also enjoy following you around.

Part of our puppy’s socialization training is introducing them to things in the environment. Thus, this curious behavior of puppies should not be suppressed as it is where they recognize things. It also aids in their cognitive and mental development.

However, there might be instances when you have to do some chores, and you wouldn’t want your puppy to always be in your way. In these instances, a puppy playpen is helpful.

In a puppy playpen, your young pup can still spend off his energy without getting in your path. He can do some running around within his playpen and play with some toys.

Your furry pet’s playpen can also be a safe haven for your pups. If you have things in your home which your puppy might get an accident with, a playpen will help keep him safe.

What Is The Best Puppy Playpen?

We researched on the best puppy playpens on the market. And without much further ado, here they are!

Our Top Pick

Based on research as well as customer reviews, the best puppy playpen that made it on our list is the MidWest Homes for Pets Folding Metal Exercise Pen/Pet Playpen. This playpen comes with options to choose whether you want the playpen to have a door or without a door, several colors, and various heights for different dog breeds. Customers who bought this Midwest puppy playpen are raving about how it is easy to set-up, fold up, and store. Many are also pleased with its durability and sturdiness.

MidWest Homes for Pets Folding Metal Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen

Runner Up

Another playpen you might want to consider is this AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Pet Exercise and Playpen. This playpen is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. When not in use, it is easy to store as it can be folded flat. Customers are satisfied with this product as it is easy to assemble, easy to fold, and very portable.

Amazon Basics Foldable Octagonal Metal Exercise Pet Play Pen for Dogs, Fence Pen, Single Door, Black, 60 x 60 x 30 Inches

Also Great

There’s also this which is worthy to consider. This easy to assemble playpen comes in one size only and is perfect for puppies, small breed dogs, and even other small pets. This product satisfies convenience as it is lightweight and easy to bring around.

Also Great

The Zampa Portable Foldable Pet playpen Exercise Pen Kennel + Carrying Case also made it here on our list. It comes in various dimensions and colors for you to choose from. Customers rave about the easy-to-clean feature of this playpen. The floor is made of a waterproof material that can be wiped clean or vacuumed. This lightweight playpen is also convenient to move around.

Zampa Dog Playpen Medium 45'x45'x24' Pop Up Portable Playpen for Dogs and Cat, Foldable | Indoor/Outdoor Pen & Travel Pet Carrier + Carrying Case.

How Long Can A Puppy Stay In A Playpen?

Now that you have your puppy playpen, it’s time for your furry friend to enjoy his safe place. But, how long can we leave our puppies in a playpen?

Remember that growing puppies are nosy and curious all the time. When this curiosity is satisfied, they tend to look for other things that interest them.

Hence, it is advised that a puppy stays at his playpen for a maximum period of 2 hours, if possible, shorter, depending on your puppy’s needs. Some breeds are highly active and need a much bigger space to roam around. For them, long periods of stays in the playpen might be too much.

Monitor your furry friends while in the playpen to determine how long they can tolerate being inside.

It is also advisable to have some toys for your pups inside the playpen so they can have a variety of things to do. Once in a while, drop by and offer your dog some treats when he is behaving nicely in his playpen.

We hope you and your puppy enjoy your “me” time with a puppy playpen at home!