Puppy Pad Holder (Our Best Picks)

Bringing a new puppy home will surely be a delightful yet potentially clutter-filled experience. To help you address this issue, consider purchasing a pee pad holder to keep the pads in place. But always ascertain first that it is suited for your puppy.

As a paw parent, you are not alone in experiencing the frustrations of time-consuming dog potty training. But despite all the hardships, you can look forward to that extremely rewarding moment when you and your dog finally overcome this crucial period.

A proven strategy that is always suggested by dog experts is to begin proper potty training immediately. And once you start with pet training, be consistent with it to establish good habits.

We all know that whatever dog training we undertake is hard. So, to make things easier for us, dog training supplies and accessories are available. One of these is a puppy pad holder. But, first, what are puppy pad holders?

What Is A Puppy Pad Holder?

A puppy pad holder is an efficient item designed to stabilize your puppy’s potty pads correctly. It holds a dog pee pad in place while he does his business or in preparation for it. Hence, the name.

Also referred to as a pee pad holder, it offers a stationary base. It secures a pee pad and stops it from sliding on your floor while your dogs are peeing.

Most of these pee pad holders have a shallow basin with a waterproof bottom. It ensures that any leakage does not reach your floor and avoids further mess.

How do I stop my puppy from shredding pee pads?

A pee pad holder is advantageous because it stops your puppy from shredding, eating, or even playing with his pads. In addition, it eliminates the instances of your dogs scattering their wastes throughout your home.

It will prevent your dog pads from moving around the floor. Additionally, these products keep your pup’s paws dry. It, as well, prevents spills caused by dogs peeing on the edge of a pad.

Using a training pad holder is essential during pet training. It aids in housebreaking your puppies on where to do their thing. It designates the place where they are to pee and potty. Hence, it is also sometimes called a training pad holder.

You can also take the pads and pad holder with you when traveling as a portable and convenient potty area for your dogs to do their thing every time they need to.

Top 5 Best Puppy Pad Holders

In this blog post, we will gladly help you succeed in your puppy potty training by sharing with you the best puppy pad holders based on certain factors like durability, easiness to clean, and customer reviews, among others.

Our Top Pick

Iris Puppy Pad Holder

IRIS USA Pee Pad Holder for Puppy Pads, Dog Pad Holder, Pee Pad Tray for Training Pads, Holds Pads 22x23 or Larger, Gray

This easy-to-use IRIS USA Puppy and Dog Training Pet Pad Holder will keep your floors safe while you are housebreaking your new pet. It is equipped with double latches or clips on either side to lock pet training pads securely and prevent slippage or tearing.

The four non-skid rubber feet of this training pad holder protect the floor from scratches and hold the pee pad tray firmly, thus stopping your puppy from dragging the dog pads or carelessly moving the tray around the house. A high polish finish makes this Iris training pad tray a breeze to clean. It is raised off the floor, so urine does not spill over.

It comes in 5 sizes and 4 colors, perfect for any dog breed and size. This product is best used with IRIS Neat ’n Dry pet training potty pads (sold separately) as this dog potty pad is specifically designed to hold them nicely for a clean and convenient pet training solution.

Runner Up

Blyss Pets Klean Paws Puppy Pad Holder

Blyss Pets Klean Paws Dog Toilet & Potty Pad Holder - No Torn Potty Pads - Keep Paws Dry - Protect Floors – Just Throw Away Pads for Easy Cleanup & Wipe Clean – for Puppies, Small Dogs & Cats

This dog pad holder by Blyss Pets is a worthy buy with its perforated grate that allows pee to flow right through, keeping your pet’s paws clean and dry. It holds a dog potty pad in place. With this dog pad holder, pet training pads are kept safe from being chewed or tossed by your pup.

This pad holder also works as a training tray and can be used even without a pet pee pad. With its solid construction and high-quality materials, this dog training tray or pad holder saves you a lot of time and money.

Also Great

Richell Paw Trax Mesh Training Tray

Richell Paw Trax Mesh Training Tray, Brown 25.2 x 18.9 x 1.6'

Manufactured by the Richell Store, this potty pad holder is the ideal training pad holder for keeping pee pads in place and prevent accidents caused by mature dogs. The removable snap-in mesh top frame holds the pee pad firmly in place and keeps dogs from chewing the pads. The tray protects floor surfaces when used with a pad.

It washes off well, even with just mild soap and water, with no staining present. It has an overflow area around the perimeter of the base to capture anything the pad does not catch.

Made from hard plastic, which is good for puppies, you can finally be relieved from frustrations and have peace of mind. There will be a lot less work mopping floors as your dog’s paws are kept dry. You save time picking up torn pads. You are now more able to allot more time for other enjoyable things to do, like bonding with your puppy.

This training pad holder can accommodate pee pads the size of 17.7 x 23.6 inches. Coming in three colors to fit your pup’s personality, you can choose from brown, green, and pink. For best results, use it with Richell Paw Trax Super Absorbent dog potty pad (sold separately) as they are designed to fit perfectly with each other.

Also Great

All-Absorb A10 Silicone Pad Holder

HONEY CARE All-Absorb Large Silicone Pad Holder, 23.5'x23.5', Blue (A10)

Manufactured by Absorlution LLC, this visually appealing All-Absorb silicone puppy pad holder is an effective mess-free, pet-housebreaking solution. You can typically place this over any surface and top it with a training pad, then simply replace that when soiled. Its thick and rubbery texture is adhesive enough to hold the pad tightly so it does not move around.

Designed like a square tray with a raised edge to catch any leakage that may occur, like those caused by over-excited dogs, it provides an extra layer of protection for your floor, carpet, fabric, and even your dog’s paws.

Made of durable, lightweight, and soft flexible silicone, it is leak-proof and easy to roll up for quick storage, traveling, and cleaning. Plus, urine will not get trapped in it, and you can spray it with a disinfectant and wipe or hose it off, then air dry.

Use this pee pad holder with All-Absorb training pads (sold separately). This dog training product comes in one square size only (23.5 x 23.5 x 0.5 inches) and is best for small to medium-breed puppies.

Also Great

OUT! Dog Pad Holder and Training Tray

OUT! Dog Pad Holder | Portable Tray for Pet Training and Puppy Pads | Protection Against Pad Leakage, Bunching, and Shredding | Fits Pads 21 x 21 Inches or Larger

This pee pad holder by OUT! will change the way you use dog pads as they can now be used confidently indoors. Constructed with sturdy plastic, it opens and locks pads securely with two easy-to-use sliding latches.

The raised edges all the way around the pad holder keep the urine from flowing off the pad and staining your floor. It has corner grips to ensure that the pads do not slip away when they should not. This tool can help prevent tearing and shredding of the pad.

Get it ready in three easy steps as its interlocking center joint has the ability to easily fold out for usage or fold in for efficient space-saving storage in your home or while traveling.

With 2 inches raised edges, it holds enough waste to keep your floors neat. Most regular-size training pads fit in this dog pad holder and can accommodate even large breed puppies.

Qualities You Need To Check

Dog potty pad holders come in different designs and specifications. To use pet training equipment that is simply not well-suited to what you require or not fitting for your dogs can only cause more trouble instead of solving them.

Lucky for you, we have here the essential qualities to consider when choosing the best or ideal pee pad holder:


Made of high-quality materials, a durable pee pad training tray holds the pee pad securely. Along with this, the tray should hold your pet comfortably. The pee tray should accommodate your puppy regardless of how heavy or aggressive he is and will last for a long period.

Some of these dog pad holders are made of plastic. Hence, they are chewable. Your puppy may think that it is a toy and chew on it. Therefore, when using a plastic pee pad holder, give your dog a chew toy to divert his attention from chewing on his pee pad holder.

Ease of Use and Stability

Choose a product that allows you to easily install the potty pads in place. See to it that setting up the training pads requires little effort as you would never know when your puppies need to pee or do their thing.

Great dog pad holders must have a good grip in keeping the dog potty pads neatly fixed. Pee pad holders must keep the pad in place to prevent them from slipping away, especially on wooden or tiled floors.

Design and Features

Thoroughly examine the product specifications and get a pad holder with walls or raised edges to contain leaks and avoid spills on your carpet or stuff.

A dog potty tray with a rubberized bottom would also be one good product to consider. You will worry less as the dog potty tray stays in place.

Adequate Size

Check the proportion of the dimensions of the pad holder to the pads that are accessible to you. Even better, get one that has enough space to fit most pee pads for your hassle-free pet supplies shopping.

Also, see to it that it would fit your pup’s size with enough space for him to be able to do his thing.

Easy to Clean

As your main purpose is to make life a lot less messy for you and your pup, the soiled pads should be easy to remove without, or very little, overflows, and the pad holder itself must be fairly simple to sanitize for reuse.

Take note of dog pad holders that have small-spaced grates. Inasmuch as these little grates on these pad holders keep your dogs’ paws dry, poop sometimes get between these grates and dry up. Hence, choose a product that does not only keep potty pads in place but is easy to clean as well.

Training With Lesser Mess

In using pee pad holders, some special considerations are worth mentioning. Some puppies may be scared of pee pad holders, so gradually accustom your dog to it.

Pee pad holders will not make your puppy more accurate, but they will help lessen the mess. You may have to modify the pee pads to fit, so be particular about the size.

Most pee pad holders are made for small breed puppies. It would be hard to find a pee pad holder made for large breed pets.

Importance of a puppy pad holder

For every dog product, check out the reviews and feedback of previous customers. You might find some information on these customer reviews on whether a particular product fits your dog.

Lastly, your dogs may end up preferring to pee and poop inside rather than outside, so adjust accordingly.

When you experience other issues with your puppy, check out with your vet. Pay a visit to the vet as he is more than able to identify the best solution. As with any other pet concerns, your vet knows best!

Is it OK to put a puppy pad in the crate?

Take note that a dog potty pad holder has a raised side. The size of the pee pad holders takes up space. With a pee pad tray inside the crate, your pet might not be able to stretch out. The side or edge of these pee pad holders may hinder your pup’s sleeping position.

This design may also pose a tripping hazard. Thus, observe your puppy just in case.

In choosing the best pet training products, see to it that your pup’s individual requirements and your overall preferences as a dog owner are considered.

You may also want to check out first some customer reviews on what works for their dogs, feedback on the product, and the like. But, it is best if you review the product yourself.

Check out for yourself any or all of the dog products we have reviewed above. At the end of the day, what may work for one customer, may not work for another. And what may be fitting for most dogs may not be fitting for your own dog.

Each dog has a different level of understanding and adjustment skills, so be more patient with yours. Your dogs may not use the dog pee tray at first. Give your dog some time to get accustomed to the pee pad holder and his dog potty routine.

With all this useful information, you are more than ready to secure those puppy pee pads and be better at dog potty training using any of our picks of these five best puppy pee pad holders. Good luck on your puppy potty training journey!