Kong Dog Bed

Your dog spends a large portion of each day sleeping or lounging around the house.  Providing your pup with a cozy dog bed can be important to keep your pet happy. However, you may have to deal with a new dog bed being chewed into pieces.  The Kong dog bed is one option for your pup if they try and chew their sleeping bed.  

KONG Tough Plush Lounger Dog Bed Offered by Barker Brands Inc. (Grey)

When you decide to go purchase a strong dog bed, you want to be sure to consider the materials used, size, style, and price

You also may want to consider how easy the bed will be to clean, especially if your pup will be lounging on the surface for many hours each day.  Machine washable dog beds are also available at your choice.

The Kong Company 

Kong is a pet company that creates chew toys and other items designed to enrich your dog’s life and help lead to strong bonds between you and your pup.  They carry a variety of dog products like toys, food bowls, and puzzle toys.  

One reason that Kong products are so popular is that they are very sturdy and can withstand even the toughest of chewers.  You can find toys for young puppies, aging dogs, and everything in between. They also have toys specifically created for the level of intensity in which your pup chews.  

The Kong company also provides several resources that can help you with your dog.  If you go to their company website, you can find recipes, training tips, and anecdotal stories from other dog owners.  

Do I need a Chew-Proof Dog Bed?

You likely see dog beds for a very affordable price at various stores in your area.  If you have a young puppy or an avid chewer, make sure to get a more sturdy bed to resist chewing.  

One benefit of a chew-proof dog bed is cleanliness.  Because it is more difficult for these types of beds to be destroyed, the filling will not end up all over your living room.  The material for more chew-resistant beds also tends to be easier to wipe or wash as well.  

Another benefit is the fact that these beds are price-effective.  You will likely not have to replace these beds as frequently or have to worry about an expensive vet visit to clear out all the dog bed pieces in your puppy’s stomach.  Chew-resistant beds also do not contain toxic chemicals.  

A final benefit of chew-proof beds is that they are typically elevated or raised.  This style will help your pup to feel comfortable and may help to reduce the urge to chew.  

KONG Tough Plush Lounger Dog Bed Offered by Barker Brands Inc. (Grey)

What is the Kong Dog Bed?

Although Kong may be best known for its dog chew toys, the brand has also expanded and designed a marketed indestructible dog bed.  This dog bed has chew-resistant walls and a plush pillow top to provide comfort as your pup lounges.  

The Kong dog bed measures 39″L x 29″W x 4″H, making it an excellent choice for a large dog.  With its water-resistant liner and machine washable and removable cover, the Kong dog bed is easy to keep clean and fresh.  The 100% polyester material also contributes to keeping this bed dry. The bottom of the bed has a non-slip surface, which helps keep the bed secure in one spot.  

This dog bed does run more expensive than many similar models.  You can purchase this dog bed on Amazon.

Is the Kong Dog Bed a Good Choice?

Before you spend a good deal of money on a dog bed, make sure to do all your research.  Although most dog owners love Kong toys, the reviews of the bed are a mixed bag.

Are Kong dog beds indestructible?

The Kong company does state that this bed is designed to resist chewing and withstand wear and tear, but it is not indestructible for heavy chewers. 

Many customers and other reviews state that it did not take much effort for their dog to sink their teeth into and chew through the outer cover of this bed and then continue to tear it apart.  Most owners note a weakness at the bed’s seams.  

With its high price point, there is a risk of purchasing the bed for only a few durable weeks.  If your pup is not an avid chewer, this bed may be a great choice and be long-lasting comfort.  

Choose a water resistant and chew resistant dog bed


Choosing the right dog bed for your large breed pup is a big decision. 

Kong carries one option for your dog but may have some drawbacks. Consider looking at several chew-resistant comfortable lounging options before making your purchase.