How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Dogs

Does your dog scratch himself a lot? Yikes! It might be fleas. It’s time to learn how to get rid of these fleas on your dogs.

Getting fleas off your dog can be quite tricky. You kill them now, and in a matter of days, they’re back.

But with these tips, getting rid of them for good may just be at your fingertips!

How to help get rid of fleas on your dog

An infestation of any type of flea on your dog can cause quite a lot of health problems.

They suck on your pet’s blood and cause skin itching. Besides excessive scratching, it could also lead to poor fur and coat health, hair loss, wounds, and skin infections.

What kills fleas off of dogs?

There are several ways to rid your pet of these dog fleas. While pet flea treatments are available, there are some home remedies you can also resort to. Additionally, pet products specifically targeting flea control abound in the market.

Dog flea shampoo, flea collars, combs, spray, powder, and dog ointment are available to prevent and control flea infestation. But, keep in mind to check with the vet before using any of these products on your pets.

As a preliminary, you can try giving your dog a basic treatment at home by yourself. Here are a few steps on how to get rid of fleas on your dogs.

Give your dog a bath.

Give your pet a bath regularly. Use clean water and mild soap in bathing your pet. Make sure to lather well on your dog’s skin and fur to ensure that dog fleas are targeted well. Then, focus on washing meticulously those parts of your dog’s body where these insects love to thrive — neck, in between toes, ears, tail, and along skin folds.

If you want to use a dog flea shampoo, it is best to consult with your veterinarian first. Take note that some flea products contain ingredients that may cause irritation and allergies to your pets.

Bathing your pups always helps

Use a Fine-Tooth Flea Comb

After bathing, use a flea comb on your pet’s fur. These combs are finely-toothed to trap the dog fleas while running them through your dog’s hair.

Take extra time to comb all over your dog’s body. This is one easy dog flea infestation treatment you can easily do at home. Take note, however, that flea larvae and eggs may not be addressed with the use of this product.

Kill the Fleas

Adult fleas and ticks are small creatures, and you might miss them on your dog’s comb. Check carefully and remove them from the comb, and immediately kill them. Alternatively, you can submerge the comb in hot water for a few minutes to kill the fleas before re-using it.

Keep them Away!

One way to prevent your dog from getting fleas is by keeping them away from their sources.

Dogs generally get infected with fleas through other infected dogs. Take note that fleas jump high and can easily transfer from one dog to another.

Another source of a flea infestation is being in contact with a flea egg. The egg would attach to your dog when you go on walks in the neighborhood, dog parks, and in any other place. Eventually, these eggs would develop into adult fleas and thrive on your pets.

Keeping away from these sources is definitely one step on how to get rid of fleas on your dogs.

Keep it Regular

Observe the above steps regularly or once a week to ensure that any newborn fleas are always addressed.

With consistency and hard work, flea infestation will be prevented, and your pet will be brought back to the best of health.

Visit the Vet

Even when you cannot find fleas in your dogs, they might still be bitten. They generally thrive in your carpet, bedding, and furniture. They do not just stay where they feed, so they may not be in your dogs but still in your home or backyard.

When you want to make sure that your furry companion is safe from flea bites (especially when they are excessively scratching), visit your veterinarian for a check-up.

How long does it take to get rid of fleas on a dog?

When your dog has fleas, getting rid of them may take a lot of time as they are quite ingenious in hiding their eggs. Dog owners must ensure that every egg and larva are also removed.

Flea-free pet

Preventive measures

To ensure full riddance of fleas, it is best to observe the following preventive remedies too!

It’s time to get down to business and target the cause.

While you can easily notice when you’ve gotten rid of the fleas, it does not mean that you’ve gotten rid of your dog’s problem with fleas. Flea treatment and prevention should also target the root cause of the problem.

Flea egg and larvae may still be around, which, in a matter of days, may turn and grow into an adult flea. Then, it will go attacking your pet, and you are back to the same problem of infestation.

Remove flea larva within the home and surrounding areas, including the yard.

Wash your pet’s beddings, clothes, and other accessories to remove the eggs and any flea taking cover within. Vacuum carpets, cushions, and furniture where your pup stays to prevent further flea infestations.

Clean out nooks and crannies within your home and yard to make sure every inch is clean when possible.

Once done, ensure to tightly seal off your vacuum bag and dispose of it properly to prevent the fleas from getting out and getting back.

When these are done properly, you may just have gotten rid of them for good!