Using A Dog Chain Leash: Pros And Cons

A dog chain leash seems to be the fad during the ’80s. But today, dog owners are asking whether this type of leash is still suitable for their four-legged companions.

When it comes to choosing the right accessories and tools for your dog, it is essential to consider every pros and cons. The same goes for using a chain leash for dogs. Understanding both the advantages and the disadvantages can help you come up with the right decision.

In this blog post, we share with you both the pros and cons of using dog chain leashes.

Chain dog leashes


Why Choosing the Right Leash is Important

Choosing the right leash is so important because it can provide you and your dog safety and security. With the right leash, you have peace of mind that your dog will be secure and safe when out in public places.

It is also essential to choose the right leash for the comfort of your furry friend. No matter how secure a leash can hold your pup, if they are not comfortable with it, then it may not be the right leash for them.

Remember that a dog leash is mostly used when strolling, walking, or training your dog. Leashes should be seen by your dogs as aids in training and not as tools for punishment.

Using an inappropriate leash on your dog might cause them to feel uncomfortable, and regard it as a form of punishment. Every time they are on a leash, they would think that they are being punished. This could lead to the development of negative behaviors and aggressiveness.

Dog pulls on dog's leash

Using a Dog Chain Leash

As a pet owner, it is vital to choose the best leash for your dog. While there are many options for dog leashes, a chain leash is one choice that can provide your dog with safety and security.

Chain leashes are made of metal links that form a chain, with a handle on one end for the owner to hold on to and a clip on the other end that is attachable to the dog’s collar or harness.

A chain leash works the same way as other dog leashes. The main difference lies in the material the leash is made of, which provides for more security.

With a chain leash’s durability and strength, you are assured that your dog is secure. However, there are a few considerations as well when using a dog chain leash.

A dog's leash is attached to a dog collar or a dog harness

Pros and Cons of Using A Dog Chain Leash

The type of leash you would need for your dog would depend on a few factors, such as your dog’s size, activity level, and behavior. A chain leash would be more appropriate for strong dogs that are prone to pull or chew on their leashes. This type of leash would give the handler more control over the dog.

With smaller dogs that are moderately active, it may not be necessary to use a chain leash. Other types of leashes, like a fabric leash or a nylon leash, may be enough.

Choosing the right type of leash would provide both you and your dog security and enjoyment when you are out walking or training.

As with all types of dog leashes, there are pros and cons to using a chain leash. Here are the most common advantages and disadvantages of using this type of leash.

The Pros

Using chain leashes have its advantages, especially when you have large dog breeds. Chain leashes are more durable. They would definitely withstand any pulling or straining that many dogs do. When dogs pull on their leashes, it is hard to control them. Pressure builds on the dog’s neck when using a collar or on the dog’s body when using a harness. This can eventually hurt them.

When a dog starts pulling, and he learns that he cannot gain control, he will eventually stop pulling altogether after some time. It will discourage and eliminate the habit of pulling.

A chain leash also minimizes your dog’s habit of biting or chewing. Most dogs pull, bite, or chew on their leashes to get away and enjoy the outside world freely. But these chains are made of stainless steel, therefore, unchewable. With a chain leash, your furry pet finds it hard to bite on the leash made of chains. These are bite-proof, rust-proof, and break-proof too. They eventually give up trying and eliminate the habit of biting and chewing.

Using chain leashes is budget-friendly. Since it is durable and can withstand the tension when your dog pulls, it saves you money as you do not have to buy a new leash after some time.

It also comes in many practical designs. If you need something that is extendible, there is this retractable dog leash, which is completely tangle-free. And this one here is the ideal leash for walking two dogs.

Pet owners gain control when the dog is pulling while walking with chain leashes

The Cons

Made of stainless steel, this chain leash may be heavy. For small dog breeds, the weight of the chain may bear on them and hurt them.

A dog’s tendency, when leashed, is to pull or strain. Chain leashes attached to dog collars can create tension and strain a dog’s neck. Small dogs are more prone to suffer from this when they start pulling on their leash.

However, there are leashes with the sizes of steel chains coming in different specifications suitable for different dog breeds and sizes like this Beirui Premium Chain Leash here.

Chain dog leashes may be outdated, but many come in different styles that can still fit your dog’s lifestyle.

Best Dog Chain Leashes

Based on purchase history and reviews, we came up with this list of the best dog chain leashes here.

Our Top Pick

The Pettom Chain Dog Leash seems to have won the heart of pet owners and furry pets alike. This is a perfect choice for most dogs since it comes in 6 sizes and two colors. It has a padded handle to give you better control and keep your hands comfortable, especially when your dog is fond of pulling.

Pettom Dog Chain Leash Metal Dog Lead Training Steel Leash Heavy Duty Chew Proof Leash with Padded Handle for Medium Large Dogs (4'/4.0mm Large Chain, Red)


The JuWow Metal Dog Leash comes close to the one above when it comes to popularity. It comes in eight sizes to choose from. Its nylon padded handle provides comfort when handling your pet, especially when it starts pulling. It has a heavy-duty, swiveled clip that can be easily attached to a dog’s collar harness.

JuWow Metal Dog Leash, Heavy Duty Chew Proof Pet Leash Chain with Padded Handle for Large & Medium Size Dogs (3.0mm x 4 Foot, Black)

Also Great

The CtopoGo Heavy Duty Dog Leash is argon-welded and chrome-plated, providing durability yet with a comfortable, leather-weaved handle. It is, as well, tarnish-proof, rust-proof, and break-proof.

CtopoGo Heavy Duty Dog Leash,Metal Dog Leash Dog Chain with Padded Handle for Large & Medium Size Dogs (4 ft. x 3.0 mm (0-80 lbs.))

Also Great

Worthy of considering as well is the Mogoko Metal Dog Leash, which is made of chrome-plated metal that can withstand the strength of large and active dogs. This simple chain leash comes with a durable swiveled clip.

Mogoko 4ft Metal Dog Leash, Heavy Duty Chew Proof Pet Leash Chain with Padded Handle for Outdoor Training Black

Also Great

And, if you are into anything that glitters like gold, this PRADOG Dog Chain Leash is a perfect choice. The 18K gold-plated chain links are made of stainless steel with a genuine leather handle. It claims durability that cannot be “pulled apart even with 700lbs of force”. It definitely is the epitome of strength and style!

PRADOG Chain Dog Leash Metal Chew Proof 12MM Pet Leash Chain with Leather Padded Handle for Large Medium Small Dogs(Total Length of 3ft)

Final Thoughts

Whether you are using a collar or a harness on your dogs, chain leashes are appropriate, especially for large dogs, as long as you use them properly. Never use leashes to punish your dog.

Using a dog chain leash can aid in training. Just as with any other leash, using a chain leash works in dog training only when accompanied by positive reinforcement.

Reward your dog with treats every time they behave positively.