Accessories To Make A Slow Feeder For Dogs

Do your dogs inhale their food in seconds? Having doubts about getting a slow feeder for your dogs when you have just bought a new dog bowl for your pups? That sounds like it’s not a budget-friendly solution. Why not make your own instead?

Making your own slow feeder is easier than you think. With just a few simple accessories, you can create an interactive dog bowl that ensures your pup eats slower and healthier. Read on to learn more about some accessories that you can insert to turn a dog bowl into a slow feeder one!

Accessories To Make Slow Feed Bowls

How do you Make a Slow Feeder Dog Bowl?

We all know that slow-feeder dog bowls have their advantages in preventing our dogs from eating too much and too fast. When your dog eats too fast, it may affect its health and well-being.

But, these slow-feed dog bowls can be quite costly for some who are on a tight budget. The same goes for those who just recently bought a dog bowl for their pup.

But don’t worry! Although buying a slow-feeder dog bowl may be the best option for you, it is not the only remedy. You can easily make your own!

Slow feeder for your dogs

Making your own slow-feeder dog bowl is a great way to slow down eating. Your dog eats the same amount of food for a longer time, which has its health benefits.

You can easily create your own slow feeders with just a few simple accessories. Buy an accessory that you could insert into your dog’s bowl to turn it into a slow feeder. Some pet parents refer to this product as a “slow-feeding dog bowl insert.” Literally, once you insert this item into pet bowls, it turns into slow feeder bowls that help your dogs to eat slower.

We have reviewed some of these accessories and come up with a list of the best that works for our dogs. These are sure to make mealtime an enjoyable exercise for your dogs.

Eliminate the problem of fast eating

Our Choices – Accessories to Make a Slow-Feeder

Our choices of slow feeders are designed with your pup’s health and happiness in mind. Here are the best slow-feeder dog bowl inserts available on that are worth checking out!

Our Top Pick

“Leashboss Slow Feed Dog Bowl for Raised Pet Feeders

Leashboss Slow Feed Dog Bowl for Raised Pet Feeders
This slow feeding dog bowl for elevated slow feeder bowls by Leashboss would work as a dog food bowl by itself.

Turn any dog-feeding bowl into a slow-feeding dog bowl by placing this item on top of it. This BPA-free and food-safe slow feeder bowl is top-rack dishwasher safe.

Runner Up

Neater Pet Brands Slow Feed Bowl Stainless Steel

Neater Pet Brands Slow Feed Bowl Stainless Steel
Turn your dog bowls into slow feeder dog bowls with this stainless steel slow feeding bowl from Neater Pet Brands!

It comes in two sizes that fit most elevated slow feeders. Dishwasher-safe, this slow-feeding dog bowl is easy to clean.

Also Great

Our Pets Aroma Dome Insert for Slow Feeding

Our Pets Aroma Dome Insert for Slow Feeding
Every dog owner would be giving their pets an enjoyable feeding time with this Aroma Dome Insert Slow Feeder.

Made of stainless steel, this product makes your dog eat their food slowly around the edges and prevents them from eating too fast.

Also Great

Loving Pets Gobble Stopper

Loving Pets Gobble Stopper
The Loving Pets Gobble Stopper works as a dog feed bowl accessory that turns dog food bowls into a slow feeder.

This item is so easy to use with its suction cup that sticks to your pet’s feeder bowls. It works on both ceramic and stainless steel bowls.

Make Your Choice!

Slow feed dog bowl

Not only do these accessories encourage your pup to eat slower and healthier. They also provide an extra layer of challenge by making it more difficult for them to get all their food at once.

With these accessories, turn any pet food bowl into a slow-feed dog bowl. Combining the right accessories and creating your own slow-feeder bowl ensures that your pup stays healthy and happy during mealtime.

With this selection of accessories, you can easily create one unique slow-feeder bowl that will keep both you and your dog happy during mealtime!